Monday, August 2, 2010

You are a stranger to me

it's feel like you are stranger to me...
I had knew you more than 5 years
but now suddenly i felt so strange on you

You were always the good one in my mind
you were nice, courage, gentle, kind, sincere...
but i'm wrong
from this moment i realise
our relationship is broken

Relationship is built by sincerity between each other
no matter what happen
sincerity is the bond to connect between us

you break it
you purposely break it because u are insecure with urself
you want everyone to think that you are perfect & the naive one
you don't want stain to appear on your name
even you did something wrong
u never admit it & tell out the truth
you just cover it with lies
cos you don't want people to think that you are the villain
frankly to tell
friends will always be with you
even though you did mistakes
as long as you tell out the truth & admit it
we will always there to support you
it's what friends for...

you are so selfish
you just think about yourself
you cover all ur mistakes with lies
you want everyone think that you are the innocent one...

Everyone's not a saint
all of us will do something wrong
as long as we have the courage to admit it & learn from mistakes then recorrect it
no one is perfect
you don't need to force yourself to be one
just frank to your heart
do what you really want to do
we won't blame you if u wrong
as long as you admit it
and be SINCERE to you friends

Trust is also important
as you don't trust anyone in your life
so you just being selfish to think about yourself
you want all benefits go to you
there are always pros & cons
nothing is perfect
you must tolerate with it

I'm so disappointed that you ruin our relationship
i've been giving you so many chance to prove yourself
but you just being the coward & hide yourself from all of us
cos you hate to listen what we said

As friends
of cos we want you to be good
we just don't want to see you fail & fail again...
but...if it is what you want
i will just let it go
i've already done my part & my role
i've also contribute what i can in this relationship as a true friend
the decision is just made by you

So i will just be an audience to watch what will happen next
i won't talk much anymore
i won't scratch my own back to make you hate me
i've done my part as a friend
so i won't feel regret on it
it's all just depend on you

But to me...
you are just a stranger in my life
i gave up...

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