Thursday, August 5, 2010

1st visit to Midvalley Library

Last Friday we went to the new opened Library
which located at Midvalley
it's just next to Kim Gary restaurant

I was so damn looking forward to go there
cos before it open
we ladies all received the messege which asked us log into their website
they want to hear from us ladies
they would like to complie all the ladies' suggestions to make it better
i was so looking forward about it
too bad i was not there for the soft launch of Library

And it was my 1st visit to there
i was 100% prepared to see the NEW Library
but... *opppsssss*
i'm soooo disappointed by them
i rather to go for the Library at the curve lor...
the design is much more nicer
and u just feel that the new Library just a ordinary pub/lounge
not creative & special at all
WTF?!?!who said will compile all the ladies' suggestions & make it the best

it's nearer for all of us lar...
as we all staying in KL not PJ mar...

Here's some pics of the night:

These are the pics we played with the spec!! XD

Oh ya...we bumped into Calvin Sebastian, Stephanie Lau, Desmond Lee, etc...
never seen them for so long d...
nice to catch up with 'em

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