Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We ♥ Bkk (June2010 trip)

Suddenly realized that i haven't post up my latest Bkk trip photos
it's a MUST for me...
because this trip quite special
Ray Dear didn't join us for this trip
and we met our old friend Ouu

Just briefly share about our trip <3
1st day we reached <3
this time we stayed in Best Western hotel in Pratunam
different direction with Citin hotel we stayed before
time for our lunchie!!!

Our shopping & stocking time <3
kesian Onn he felt lonely as Ray Dear not with him
he just sitting there & played with his iTouch whole day and waited for us
he's really a nice hubby for Bonnie, isn't he?? *winkz*

1st night
our dinner at Patpong
frankly to tell
because of the riot in Bangkok
u can barely see tourists & the happening situation in Patpong
we just went for massage on that night

2nd night
after we shop & stocking for OurBeautyDiary
we met with Ouu -- our Thai friend who studied in UCSI
longgggg time no see...
we went for "Thai style" Korean BBQ
LOL!!!we felt like we are local Thai there XD

*The staffs in the club wearing like the police...*
*She's seriously HAUT & TALL...DAMN!!!i felt myself so fat & short :(*
*Exchanging FB... LOL!!!*
After the Korean BBQ dinner
we went back for shower & change
then we came out again to met with Ouu & his gang of friends
nice to meet all of the new Thai friends
they are really friendly!!!
we went to RCA on that night
it's a road that have a row of clubs
it's where the local Thai hang out <3
we went to a club named Route66 at there
it's completed with RnB room, House music room, live band room, etc.
The washroom is FARKING damn nice & big!!!!!
i didn't have the chance to snap inside cos paiseh lerrr...
Seriously, i fall in love with the nightlife in Bkk <3

3rd day lunchie at a loack Thai restaurant <3
after that is our shopping & stocking session again...

*It's their Mega Sales in Thailand...they want to pull back all the tourist*
 3rd night
we went to Erawan four face buddha
i waited for Bonnie & Onn to pray

Then, we waited for Ouu's call
and we met up for hang out session again <3
we went to "Thong Lor Soi Sip" -->talk in Thai slang please :P
Thong Lor Soi10 is actually similar as Zouk in KL
all the young & rich ppls will go there
u can feel the differences between the RCA & here
many leng luis & leng zais!!! *woottt*
no she-male one ar...here all ladies...just some of them did plastic surgery d de...
u can feel that here is very Classy lor~~
i like here!!! <3
we went to a club named Demo
they played Trance music here...
After finish the drinks here
we went to 2nd round at RCA Route66
we met another 2new friends of Ouu
they'r very friendly lerr...
Then we change to 3rd destination at another area idk the name
WOW!!!!it's FARKING tired!!!!
i admitted i'm old d...
we hanged out until 6am...
u can see the sun is rising >"<

*it's a menu actually, isn't it cute??*
Last night in Bkk
we met with Ouu again for dinner
Ouu brought us to Thong Lor again
but this street is another Soi
and i forgot what the restaurant name d
it's nice & creative
cos they are selling the furnitre arts & it's also a restaurant
different feeling~~~cool!!!
we ordered the Thai style Italian food

Last day in Bkk
we had our lunchie in a Thay style Japanese restaurant
it's not expensive & the food is quite ok...
just located at the shoplot besides Platinum Mall
just waling distance only

It's time to say Goodbye Bkk <3
and specially thanks to Ouu for bringing us around...
it was a great & different experience there!!!
i shall be back!!!


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