Sunday, November 27, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - 2011

It's time for the 2011 VS fashion show!!!!
i love their fashion show madly!!!!
i love the models Adrianna, Alessandra, Miranda, etc!!!

This year the performers are Kanye West, Maroon 5, Jay-Z & Nicky Minaj!!!
Awesome fashion show & performance!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ray Dear's 27th birthday...

As per mentioned in previous post about the failed birthday surprise
on actual day itself
Ray Dear & me went to celebrate his birthday...

We went to Alexis at The Gardens
as Ray Dear loves their cakes...
we just have our simple yet sweet dinner there
nothing special...just two of us...

Ray Dear's 27th birthday gift was an iPad2
i was planning to go Apple store for his birthday present
but heard from people that no need to queue up for iPad2
just log into the apple website & pruchase online
simple & quick
the iPad2 will sent to you door step...

See Ray Dear's happy face???

oh ya...wanna share my outfit of the day...

  • White cape blouse from Topshop
  • Pink bodycon skirt from Room8008
  • Little bow belt from Room8008
  • LV red vernis Alma BB
  • T-pump from Agape Boutique

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ray Dear "failed" surprise birthday...

this post actually is 5months ago post...
because my Ray Dear's birthday had past very long ago...
his birthday was on 9th of June

Actually i was going to give him a surprise on his birthday
as he's a very boring noob that seldom plan for his birthday
then i better give him a memorable surprise...

I planned to ask all the friends out to celebrate with him
but prior his knowing...
then suddenly all friends appear before 12am to surprise him
just a very simple yet wonderful memory for him

At first
i told him that i wanted to watch "Pirates of The Caribbean"
and i booked the ticket for him & my sis

I think i made a failed plan... FML!!!

Because we reach Pavilion early for dinner
P/S: and i think he will suspect as we wore nicely just for movie
then i choose Market Hall just beside the venue -- Bedroom

Maggie reached there early and sooo scared of seeing us as her appearance was a surprise...
then Kok Wee appearred and he never thought that we were there for dinner
F**K the nooby girlfriend aka stupid planner (me!!!)
then Ray Dear became more suspicious

we just pretend we "bumped" into Kok Wee
then i suggest went for a drink before movie...
and only Maggie & Kok Wee were there
again...the friends haven't reach yet...
for secret gonna burst!!!

Ray Dear kept on asking about the collection for movie ticket
i kept skipping the topic & mentioned will get it later...
omg omfg!!!!
i can't pretend d...
i felt that i was a loser surprise planner...

Then under the panic of my failed surprise
 plus all the other friends came late
P/S: i can't blame anyone as i didn't mention it's a must to reach at a time
i admitted everything...
i was so sorry that couldn't be a good planner & a perfect girlfriend for Ray Dear's birthday...
i felt so bad...

But the only thing i felt better & comfort 
was Ray Dear was enjoying his birthday with all the friends...
thank god at least i did a right thing...
and we all had a great night!!!

I was a bad surprise planner
As a girlfriend i failed to give my boyfriend a surprise memory

I will improve my skill & learn from experience...
Next year come again!!! LOL!!!

My outfit of the day:
  • Beige chiffon off shoulder top from Room8008
  • Leopard printed short from H&M
  • LV red vernis Bellevue PM

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's November already...

It's almost end of the year...
it's November already...
how ya doing dude??
 I'm still surviving...
As early in this year i did my resolution for this year 2011
and here comes the list on what i've accomplished... 
  1. Save more than RM10k. (i don't want to stress myself for save more than RM50k because RM10k i already very hard for me to achieve...don't want be so kiasu) This one so far i'm very farrrr from the target savings...omg!!!!i think i can't make it :(
  2. Maintain my weight at 40kg & want to have more better body shape & B*eherm*. (it's all depends on my Easecox corset)   Yay!!!B is obviously showing results...the body shape actually achieved...but after my暴飲暴食the fats come back now i'm gonna look for other solution... weight i don't dare to measure 1st...hahahaha
  3. Get my job confirmation in 6months. (i started my job since October 2010) DONE!!!!
  4. Renovate Re-decorate the house with my Ray Dear. (have to start on surveying new furnitures) This one i considered half accomplish...think gonna have this resolution in 2012 again...
  5. Buy daddy & mummy a trip. (have to let them plan their holidays) ACCOMPLISHED!!! next year family trip to Taipei!!!
  6. Do something very BIG! (have no idea yet...let me think) Until now haven't do something very BIG yet...
  7. Clear up all the debts. (no matter PTPTN, credit cards, etc) This one also consider 50% accomplished... because totally up i've cut off 1 credit card...the other card debts still there...and paying PTPTN thru my salary...
  8. I wanna be grandma. (let Blushie get married & get pregnant) NOT YET...bacause Blushie had accident on her limbs & just recovered from surgery not long ago...捨不得let her so fast get pregnant so 辛苦 >"<
  9. Get a dream bag. (aiming for new target...) Erm...this year bought 3 bags in total...1 LV Vernis Bellevue + 1 MiuMiu matelasse clutch + 1 Prada bag
  10. Hit all the sales. ( HIT = $$$ ) not 100% hit but mostly got hit consider accomplished???
  11. Start to cook homecook meal at home. (at least twice per week) Errr...this one i think i give myself 30% because most of the time homecook done by Ray Dear bro's gf...i've 無頂企 i love to cook but don't like dish wash...Ray Dear lazy dish wash so very less cook at home...
  12. Start healthy diet. (if possible, avoid those fatty food) Oklarr...i considered myself done this as i've cut off lots of greasy fatty food...such as KFC, McD, etc.
Ok...still have 1 and half month to go for 2011...
time to go for a new great year...
have a blessed one


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jolin Tsai Concert in Malaysia 2011

it's a old post that i had totally forget about it
this one i must share
 because it's my 1st time in the most expensive seat

Actually i can have chance to go for this concert
is because we bought RM480 rock zone ticket at cheap price RM250!!!
sounds great rite???

We got such luck was because DEFINE was the organizer and they did the contest & winner get the free ticket
someone won the prize but they wanna sell out the ticket...
so laopo asked me n Ray Dear buy it... :D

I love Jolin Tsai for so long d
now finally got the chance go and see her...
somemore in a very near distance!!!
love her hard work on her career and her way to be perfect!!!
she never disappoint us cos u can see her singing & dancing skill getting well & well
 and also she became more & more pretty!!!


Really enjoy the concert and it was a great great experience
cos i  was in the rock zone babeh!!!
one thing i felt regret was i forgot to bring my camera...
all the photos taken via my "pah-liah" iPhone 3GS very blur

Here's some photos of the night
sorry for the blurness...