Friday, November 25, 2011

Ray Dear's 27th birthday...

As per mentioned in previous post about the failed birthday surprise
on actual day itself
Ray Dear & me went to celebrate his birthday...

We went to Alexis at The Gardens
as Ray Dear loves their cakes...
we just have our simple yet sweet dinner there
nothing special...just two of us...

Ray Dear's 27th birthday gift was an iPad2
i was planning to go Apple store for his birthday present
but heard from people that no need to queue up for iPad2
just log into the apple website & pruchase online
simple & quick
the iPad2 will sent to you door step...

See Ray Dear's happy face???

oh ya...wanna share my outfit of the day...

  • White cape blouse from Topshop
  • Pink bodycon skirt from Room8008
  • Little bow belt from Room8008
  • LV red vernis Alma BB
  • T-pump from Agape Boutique

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