Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My birthday "princess" look

Just want to share what i wear on my birthday...
I called it as "princess" look...
i admit because i want to be a princess before i'm getting older & older
then i will pai seh to admit as princess d...

on my birthday i was wearing white eyelet tube dress from Room8008
it's really my outfit supplier
i think 80% of my outfit is from Kiki aka Room8008 si tau poh

I love my hairdo of the night!!!
it's gaga bow!!!!
i can't find the gaga hair bow so i went to Sasson hair saloon & ask them do for me
the stylist is so pro cos i went to another saloon they dunno how to do the gaga hair...
omg!!!!ask them balik kampung larrr...

The hair is all thanks to the stylist from Sasson saloon & my long-enough hair
cos now i've already cut short my hair so now i can't do this hair style d... :( 
too bad...

Ok...that's all for the sharing...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kiss goodbye to 25!!!

Oh well...
i knew my bday post had been dragged soooo long for 4months to complete
i know i know
oh what u waiting for...
let's start talking about my 2011 birthday

Actually this year my brithday wish is 
-- i hope that my Ray Dear can be with me on my birthday
too bad
he was at overseas company trip during my birthday
so...i can't have him be at my side

i knew my 1st wish can't come true
and i was so lucky that i still have my lovely friends with me on my big day
it was just soo happening & warm to have them all at my side while my Ray Dear not here

On 13th May
Ray Dear had planned all the things for me before he left
thanks my dear ♥

i've to admit that i'm getting older & older
have to kiss goodbye my 25
i was "celebrating" aka "gathering" all my friends at The Hills for my birthday
I say it as "gathering" because we were not the little princess that celebrate for the day d
it's more like the friends' gathering

I was soo happy on that day
because i was blessed & i feel myself as a very lucky person
i have sooo many best friends around...
they are just like my family when my family not with me

Here's some of the photos of the night:

I had to thank everyone for the pressie!!!♥
i love it so so muchie!!!
althought it's a 2nd hand bought from Siew Wan
but it still in very good condition
Thank you all my dearies♥

Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie night look!!!

It's kinda easy and convenient to blog with iPhone
Coz I snap I blog at anytime
It was a Sunday movie night...
What I wear:
- Long jumpsuit from Room8008
- Scarf as belt from Apee
- My custom made name necklace from Minimaos
- T&Co bracelet
- LV Palermo PM
- Gladiator wedges from Charles & Keith
Ok...that's all for my look!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Weekend chill out with Ray Dear and friends at The Scot's, Jaya One...
Nikki said I wear like 徐小鳳!!!
What I wear:
-Black long top from Miss Selfridge
-Polka dot skirt from Room8008
-Black heels from forgot which Blogshop d which I bought during a bazaar
-Red LV Alma BB
-T&Co necklace + blacelet
-Chanel earrings (totally not seen in this pic) lol!!!
As I'm using my iPhone to take the pic and upload through iPhone Blogger app so the picture quality is low...
Wanna use my camera to take but how long it gonna takes me to upload it...hahaha!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My lookbook

 Saw people posting their look in blog
Make me think I wanna have such post too...
Cos u can share the look of the day
and also I can mix & match for my own style...
Sharing what we have as fashion is a never ending story...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantastic China: Say goodbye to Shanghai

It was the last day in Shanghai
it's time to go back to Malaysia...

on the last day
we just went out to have shanghai cuisine
the lunch was paid by Inez as the mother's day present for the mummy...
thanks to Inez sis!!!

It was a very authenthic Shanghai restaurant located at i forgot d!!!hahahah!!!
we ordered the recommended Shanghai cuisine 

the food was quite nice

After the food is time to say goodbye!!!
time to go back the reality...
Shanghai see u next time!!!

P/S: Phew~~!!!end of the China trip posts...stay tune for coming up events!!!