Monday, May 31, 2010

Sneak preview...

Pic credited to Chuck-kei

Ok...i saw this pic of her in FB
Frankly am her regular blog reader...
i admitted that i am much more older than her...
it's great to be YOUNG~!!!

i love this make-up & hair style of hers...
really *HEART* her hair style!!!
wanna do something like this...
it's just a sneak preview...
i will update mine tomorrow...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Am totally into...Gossip Girl!!!

Nothing to tell much...
currently am so so so addicted to Gossip Girl
Thanks for Kenix's highly recommendation!!!

i knew am outdated cos seems like everyone watched until season 3 & waiting for the release of season 4
but now it really makes me into it...
so please forgive myself for MIA for a moment...

You know you love me
-Gossip Girl-

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A trip might not success

am so addicted to GossipGirl until forget to blog d...

Actually am going to blog about my coming Bangkok trip
maybe can't go d...
cos of the incidents happened in Bangkok
the war between red shirt army & Thailand military...

somemore the bad thing happened were burning of the buildings
including the famous Central World mall in Bangkok
u can imagine how complicate the situation is...
here's a clip of how is the Central World now after the burn

Saw the newspaper reported that the tourism in Bangkok had reduce 90%
no one going there now
so sad~~
it suppose to be another looking forward trip for me...
but now...
i dunno still wan to go or not...

i was so looking forward that everything will be settle down & going to be ok before my trip
cos saw Maggie aka Miss Arnab had shopped alot of nice stuffs there...
thought that i can go & grab mine also...

still waiting for the news
if everything alrite i think will still going
but if my Laopo dun wanna go then i might not going also...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chilling out nite

it was an old post
it's before my bday
hahaha!!!!now only post up

It was Friday nite fever
can't GUAI GUAI stay home but wanna looking for fun
cos u know the working life
work everyday from Monday to Friday
it's TGI Friday!!!!
so must find something to do!!!

we went to library again!!!
see...we so hardworking on our RESEARCH

we bumped into Andy Goh
dunno since when we never meet each other d...
cos not in the same society d...

And i was so happy that i got my Angel iphone skin from Yvonne
Thanks babe!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My iphone new SKIN!!!

my iphone got new skin again~~!!!yay yay!!!

i got a new PINK zebra skin from Maggie aka Miss Arnab
she bought for me from Bangkok!!!
love it~~!!!
Thanks ya...muacksss

i bought myself 2skins when i was in Sg Wang & Low Yat
searching for the baby pink leather skin hard to find d...
cos they all said the one i wan all sold out d
now the new leather skin not so nice lerrr...
i found the exactly baby pink skin i wanted
but the sales person so LC dun wan discount for me...
she wanna sell me at RM45
CHEH!!!!maggie bought the same skin but in baby clue color for only RM30
aikssss...finally i didn't buy that
i bought another one...
same baby pink but different abit lar...

the second one is also my favourite PINK
just simple pinkish skin
love it~~~!!!
so simple & nice

oh ya...i got my Angel skin also
last post i told ya i bought the devil skin
now i got my angel skin d
it's in baby blue~~~hohoho!!!!
my iphone also can wear as an Angel 
it's from Yvonne Yong
she's so kind that help me bought in KK
then ma fan Andy Goh pass to me when he was here in KL
how kind she is :)
my laopo bought the baby pink Devil
so match!!!

Actually Yvonne did bought me 2 angel skins
another one is purple color Angel
i asked Maggie & she wan it...
so it's hers now
her Purple Angel very match with my Sharp Pink Devil also marrr, rite??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yellowish party

Now am gonna post about my birthday party...
This party is actually organised by Bryan Tan
He had created this "Be Mellow Wear Yellow" theme

It's his proposal for our partay~~!!!
Ops.... Another birthday party again. This time is Bird Nest King Mr. AH ONG from Mersing, Johor and small pretty girl from KK, Maybelline. Jason Ong vs Maybelline Lim. Is time to drink again. Again, i no need to mention what we suppose to do on that nite. For sure, you all know better than me. Hahaha.....let's complete our mission nicely!

When a boy from Johor, meet up with a girl from Sabah. What we will happen? Will only know on 14th May.

Hope everyone able to attend this party. Venue will be annouce later. Will keep you all update.

* Please see the title of the event, you will know what you should wear!

as it's a YELLOW theme so i will write in yellow color font... *Winkz*

the venue is at Jaya One Muse bar
we had reserved a big space for us to celebrate there
it was a memorable birthday for me
as i will celebrate with Ah Ong
it's my 1st time to have double bday celebration
so HAPPY~~!!! 

on that day
i finally get my 1st Tiffany & Co. bracelet as my XXth bday pressie~!!!! (purposely not to mention what age of me...)
am LOVING it!!!
Thanks my dear fellow frens...
love u all!!!

besides that
my dear coursemates also bought me a Crabtree & Evelynn pressie for me
Thanks to them also
muackss muackss...

*Must say thanks to Bling Bling Paradise!!!*
All of us had a great nite
And of cos the bday boy & gal KO-ed on that nite
Here's the bday boy & gal!!!
must give face one...
once per year only mar...
Happy Birthday to myself!!!
Here's our bday cakessss...
Cake by Philo & dear sis Zun Zun
Cake by JiaJia aka Childplay!!!
oppss...y i cant find the pic i took with him de??izzit i din took pic with him???
Cake from frens to Ah Ong