Friday, May 21, 2010

My iphone new SKIN!!!

my iphone got new skin again~~!!!yay yay!!!

i got a new PINK zebra skin from Maggie aka Miss Arnab
she bought for me from Bangkok!!!
love it~~!!!
Thanks ya...muacksss

i bought myself 2skins when i was in Sg Wang & Low Yat
searching for the baby pink leather skin hard to find d...
cos they all said the one i wan all sold out d
now the new leather skin not so nice lerrr...
i found the exactly baby pink skin i wanted
but the sales person so LC dun wan discount for me...
she wanna sell me at RM45
CHEH!!!!maggie bought the same skin but in baby clue color for only RM30
aikssss...finally i didn't buy that
i bought another one...
same baby pink but different abit lar...

the second one is also my favourite PINK
just simple pinkish skin
love it~~~!!!
so simple & nice

oh ya...i got my Angel skin also
last post i told ya i bought the devil skin
now i got my angel skin d
it's in baby blue~~~hohoho!!!!
my iphone also can wear as an Angel 
it's from Yvonne Yong
she's so kind that help me bought in KK
then ma fan Andy Goh pass to me when he was here in KL
how kind she is :)
my laopo bought the baby pink Devil
so match!!!

Actually Yvonne did bought me 2 angel skins
another one is purple color Angel
i asked Maggie & she wan it...
so it's hers now
her Purple Angel very match with my Sharp Pink Devil also marrr, rite??

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