Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back!!!

am back from Bkk
it was a nice 5days 4nights trip
it's an enjoyable trip for us
as we did meet up our old Thai college mate -- Ouu
He brought us to go around & to the place we never been to...
i can see how the Thai youngster hang out in club & their unique restaurant...
just like we usually hang out in KL...
it's their life...
it was a nice experience for us...
Thanks Ouu for this...

will update the details on trip soon...
let me rest & go for my GossipGirl season3 1st...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bangkok here i am!!!

my FINAL DECISION is "BKK here i come"!!!!
in 9 more hours i will be at Bkk...
very looking forward for this trip
as i saw Maggie aka Miss Arnab get lots of nice stuffs from there

And somemore they all said now Bkk very safe d...
but feel sorry that Ray dear can't join me this time

This trip gonna be Bonnie laopo, Onn & myself
will update bout my Bkk trip again ya~~~~!!!
C ya!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole~~~~
The world cup 2010 is coming...
everyone is so excited for the matches!!!

Frankly to tell
am not a Football BIG fans
but i will follow the trend
cos my Ray dear loves to watch football
so i will follow & accompany him for this period of time to watch football

So u can say that now am having FOOTBALL FEVER!!!!
am thinking to buy football jersey from Bangkok for Ray dear & myself
now CC they all asking me to buy jersey for them...LOL!!!

Love this theme song from Shakira
got the South Africa feelsss...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ray dear's 26th birthday ♥

It's Ray dear's 26th birthday!!!
wish my Ray dear have a blessed & happy birthday... *muacksss*

Actually i did planned something surprise for him
the weekend before his birthday
we had gathering at CC's house
i told them my plan
it's sweet & simple
actually we plan to hav wine session at CC's house
then we have some light snack
some of us play mahjong
suddenly we brought out a cake & sing birthday song for him
he was quite surprised & didn't realize it was for him
how cute my Ray dear
he was so happy
i can see from his face

The day before his actual birthday
i planned to bring him to the Japanese restaurant we never try before
cos my Ray dear loves Japanese food
we went to The Garden
the Japanese restaurant is "Yu Zu"
just located opposite Maxis centre

We ordered some food for sharing
it's a nice restaurant
the food is so nice :)
especially the beef!!!!!!YUMMY~~~

He was so happy
am glad to see him love it

On the actual day
I did planned to home cook for him
am not a good chef
but i can cook
in noon me & ZunZun were so busy to go Jusco buy ingredients
i planned to cook ABC soup, fish, vege, & Ray dear's fav eggs

i didn't choose chicken as it's better that having OMEGA fish (LOL!!!)
actually cooking fish is more harder than chicken
cos i scare the smells...
but we did a great job that completely deodorize the fish...hahaha!!!
my home cook food

Then i was planning to surprise my Ray dear with my hand-made jelly
cos now am staying with him
it's hard to do something surprise the person as he will be around when u do something
so i just do it as he was around
i bought the Alphabet mould
planning to do Konyaku as the alphabets
and then put the words on the jelly
cos i bought the mould is from A-Z & numbers 0-9
but how would i make the words with only an A on the mould
as u know that Konyaku very fast get harden
i only can make it to make 1 A but not 4 As in the words i wanted
somemore Y needs three
D, R & P also need to do two
so finally my plan FAILED again...
i just manage to do all the single alphabet from the mould...

At last we just eat the jelly & Konyaku without doing anything
so sorry that i failed to do something specially for him
Ray dear, hope u won't mind...

Just want to wish my Ray dear happy always, stay healthy & get wealthy in future (for me also XD)
love u,
ur Lim GalGal...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Counting down for my dear...

It's Ray Dear's 26th this year
Opppsss...i reveal his age!!*sweat*
just another 2days to his big day

I admit that am not a perfect GF
cos i can't give a 100% perfect bday for him
but i just wan him to be happy

At first i asked what he want to his bday
he told me he's really looking forward to watch Mayday's concert
but the time he told me
both of us didn't take it serious so we didn't go & check for the ticket
few days ago i only realize that it's already 2nd of June
Mayday's concert is on 5th ler!!!!

I went Sg wang & find out the ticket
just realize it's only RM300++ and above
oh no~~!!!if i buy 2 tickets then will be RM700++!!!!
i can't afford it as now am quite broke...
i called Ray Dear about it...
he told me not to buy & decide not going for the concert d
am so sad that i can't fulfill his wish for this year...

Did asked him about what kind of pressie he want
haven't get his answer yet
but i will figure it out... sorry about that

I promise that i will treat u to the next Mayday's concert in future
muacksss!!! <3

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My lil make-up tips(i)

i knew i kinda late...
so now am gonna share about my own lil make-up tips...
it's not a tutorial...
cos i knew am not pro enough
but just to share share lorr...

This time am gonna try on the fake down lashes
it's my 1st time actually
cos my down lashes are long enough
so everytime i just use mascara it's enough d...
i bought the lashes very long d
i don't dare to try it before that
cos i scare it will look very scary as the eyes will EXTREME BIG!!!
hahahaha!!!very kua jeong
now am so gatal wanna try after saw Maggie can used it nicely *winkz*

Am using MAC fake down lashes

This time am applying natural make-up on myself
It's me after applied BB-cream & MAC mineralize skinfinish
am using diamond series Skin79 BB
Spoke person is Jolin Tsai
bought it from Taiwan

Then it's me after applying my eyebrow
*i hope i won't scare u*

Then it's time for eyeliner
am using MJ black eyeliner
bought in Taiwan
can find it in Watson M'sia also
but this one i bought in Taiwan is the latest eyeliner
they are using latest technology to make it long er last than ever
i love <3 it!!!

For the cheek am using Paul & Joe pink blusher
it will looks more natural i think

Before i put on the upper eyelashes
i apply mascara on it

Then comes to my fake eyelashes...
i <3 this
am using 交叉7濃

For the down lashes
i apply mascara once
then i cut the MAC eyelashes into half
i only apply half lashes on each eye
put it at the down back part or ur eyes...'s turn for my hair
actually i love the hairstyle Chuck-kei did to herself
she's using different direction when she curls her hair
tat's mean u curls in clockwise & anti-clockwise direction
it's more natural

Hmm...not so same ler...
mayb i curl too high d...
but i think after a while will be better
cos the curls will drop as i don't use any hair-spray to hold it...
after a while will be more natural...

it's DONE~~~!!!
not kua jeong at all rite???
am lovin' it!!!
next time i will try on others XD

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

post postpone...

i promise that i will blog about my very own makeup tutorial
so sorry...

After 2 full days of company meeting
i am so so damn tired now...
let me rest 1st
will blog again in shortly...
nitezzz *ciao*