Monday, June 7, 2010

Counting down for my dear...

It's Ray Dear's 26th this year
Opppsss...i reveal his age!!*sweat*
just another 2days to his big day

I admit that am not a perfect GF
cos i can't give a 100% perfect bday for him
but i just wan him to be happy

At first i asked what he want to his bday
he told me he's really looking forward to watch Mayday's concert
but the time he told me
both of us didn't take it serious so we didn't go & check for the ticket
few days ago i only realize that it's already 2nd of June
Mayday's concert is on 5th ler!!!!

I went Sg wang & find out the ticket
just realize it's only RM300++ and above
oh no~~!!!if i buy 2 tickets then will be RM700++!!!!
i can't afford it as now am quite broke...
i called Ray Dear about it...
he told me not to buy & decide not going for the concert d
am so sad that i can't fulfill his wish for this year...

Did asked him about what kind of pressie he want
haven't get his answer yet
but i will figure it out... sorry about that

I promise that i will treat u to the next Mayday's concert in future
muacksss!!! <3

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