Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ray dear's 26th birthday ♥

It's Ray dear's 26th birthday!!!
wish my Ray dear have a blessed & happy birthday... *muacksss*

Actually i did planned something surprise for him
the weekend before his birthday
we had gathering at CC's house
i told them my plan
it's sweet & simple
actually we plan to hav wine session at CC's house
then we have some light snack
some of us play mahjong
suddenly we brought out a cake & sing birthday song for him
he was quite surprised & didn't realize it was for him
how cute my Ray dear
he was so happy
i can see from his face

The day before his actual birthday
i planned to bring him to the Japanese restaurant we never try before
cos my Ray dear loves Japanese food
we went to The Garden
the Japanese restaurant is "Yu Zu"
just located opposite Maxis centre

We ordered some food for sharing
it's a nice restaurant
the food is so nice :)
especially the beef!!!!!!YUMMY~~~

He was so happy
am glad to see him love it

On the actual day
I did planned to home cook for him
am not a good chef
but i can cook
in noon me & ZunZun were so busy to go Jusco buy ingredients
i planned to cook ABC soup, fish, vege, & Ray dear's fav eggs

i didn't choose chicken as it's better that having OMEGA fish (LOL!!!)
actually cooking fish is more harder than chicken
cos i scare the smells...
but we did a great job that completely deodorize the fish...hahaha!!!
my home cook food

Then i was planning to surprise my Ray dear with my hand-made jelly
cos now am staying with him
it's hard to do something surprise the person as he will be around when u do something
so i just do it as he was around
i bought the Alphabet mould
planning to do Konyaku as the alphabets
and then put the words on the jelly
cos i bought the mould is from A-Z & numbers 0-9
but how would i make the words with only an A on the mould
as u know that Konyaku very fast get harden
i only can make it to make 1 A but not 4 As in the words i wanted
somemore Y needs three
D, R & P also need to do two
so finally my plan FAILED again...
i just manage to do all the single alphabet from the mould...

At last we just eat the jelly & Konyaku without doing anything
so sorry that i failed to do something specially for him
Ray dear, hope u won't mind...

Just want to wish my Ray dear happy always, stay healthy & get wealthy in future (for me also XD)
love u,
ur Lim GalGal...

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