Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie "Contagion" night

Another movie night
This time we went and watch Contagion
It's a movie about the spreading of a new virus like SARS...
I like the story line
And also got actresses and actors I like...
But too bad we were late for around 30mins

And the night I was wearing:
- Pale green knit top from Room8008
- White Lacey shorts from Room8008
- Gucci copper tote bag
- Grey flat from Room8008
- Gold retro digital watch from Casio

That's all...

Friday, October 14, 2011



Monday, October 10, 2011

The Movie 『白蛇傳說』night...

I'm a movie maniac!!!
Always crazy for movie...
And this is also my usual outing with RayDear

Went to watch this movie
But I prefer the story of『倩女幽魂』
More touching
And this one too many graphic animation...

What I wore on the night:
- green sheer top from HK
- Black high waisted short from
- Black sandals with gold chain from Jaspal
- LV PM Palermo bag
- Casio retro digital gold watch
- T&Co. bracelet

That's all for the nite!!!
 And I'm gonna share the song of this movie...



Frankly to tell
Nowadays no kaki for clubbing session d
Cos everyone is so busy with their own works/love life, etc
I knew it's not our 旺盛期 for this outing activity because we all have other more important things to do
But still can relax & dance all night long right???

It's hard to gather everyone like old days
So this outing we were not in big gang
I didn't bring my camera out also

But it was glad to bump into Vicky
Long time never catch up with her d
Still as gorgeous as usual...

And so happy can join Kok Wee for this outing
Nice to know his friends too...

What I wear on that night
I discussed with Maggie
Two of us decided to wear leopard print dress...
- Leopard print tube dress from Absolute Secret
- T&Co. necklace & bracelet
- Black little bow heels from China
- Black Prada clutch
- Chanel earings
- Casio retro digital gold watch

That's all I wore for the night
Maggie was wearing the leopard bodycon dress from Room8008 ;P

- XOXO -

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs...

Frankly to tell
i don't know this person well
never read about his story at all
the only thing make me remind about him is -- APPLE
the only thing that i know about him is iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac family

And it's really so sad to be informed by the world that Steve Jobs left all of us & his APPLE on 6th Oct 2011
i feel so sad about the leaving of this genius just after the official launch of iPhone 4S
alot of people saying that
iPhone 4S = iPhone for Steve

Now what the world knows is --
Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius
and the world has lost an amazing human being
Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know
and work with Steve have lost a dear friend
and an inspiring mentor
Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built
and his spirit will forever be the foundation of APPLE

Picture of Steve Jobs, 2 days after he resigned from Apple. In his resignation letter, Jobs said, the day finally came when he could no longer perform his duties. This image is heart-wrenching.. :(

Thank you for everything
u will always part of our lives
and will always be remembered...

RIP Steve Jobs

My birthday + Valerie farewell + Eevon farewell

It's time for my birthday 2nd post
celebration at The Hills was on 13th May
on 14th May
we went to Velvet for celebration

As mentioned in my title
besides celebrated my birthday
we also did farewell party for Valerie & Eevon

Valerie the Fui Poh (hahaha...i will be killed!!!)
will be going to Singapore for her living & working life d...
it's time for her to move on into another new environment & new stage
wish her doing well there... (obviously now she's doing very well...envy me...)

Eevon the Hottie
she will be migrating to US
i knew her not very long time
but also wish her doing well & all the best there...

As usual i was late for the party 
p/s: that wasn't my fault 'cos i was not driving & it was Jervis who came late to fetch me & Jun
then when i reached there
they party gone high already...
Valerie was soooo tipsy until "dancing upside down"!!!
she keep on goyang-goyang her butt (OMG!!!it was sooo funny!!!)

Then for sure i was kena by Debbie
have to "blow" the bottle for few seconds...
omg!!!long time never play this game...
but then i just accept my "punishment" 

That was a happening & great night as usual
love to club with my gals!!!!
frankly to tell...
now we all seldom go out tgt & i really miss them all!!!

here's the photos of the HIGH night...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last weekend had a good day out with my dear Ms Arnab
We went out makan minum
and have our fringe cut
Then went to kiki's shop to shop some new arrivals
Hehe!!!I've to confess for my shopaholic buying again...

What I wear for our outing
- Bershka White top
- flowerly long pant from HK
- Charles & Keith gladiator wedges
- LV PM Palermo bag
- Casio gold digital watch
- T&Co. Bracelet

That's all...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 night!!!

Just went to watch Malaysian-made movie by Namewee -- Nasi Lemak 2.0
I'm quite like the story line
cos it's talking about what happening in Malaysia nowadays...

Let's talk about my look of the night
What I'm wearing...
White top from Bershka
High waisted short from Topshop
High dunk shoes from Adidas
LV PM Palermo bag
Gold watch from Casio

Ok...that's all...