Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I will get what i want...

Since 2months ago
i was considering to leave my current company & explore into new field
frankly to tell,
am looking forward to join pharmaceutical line...

All i heard from others are like
they all thought that is it i was kidding myself
cos nutritional line as what am doing now is much more relax & easier than that
yes...i admitted that this is the point that pulled me back at first...

I knew that everyone will envy about what am doing now...
cos no need to go after the figure and everyday chased by boss about how far u did...
somemore we no need go into office to report everyday...
i mean...maybe once per week or even no need to go in if our HP not in

We just need to do whatever task given
just simple job but u really need to complete it in order to get the incentive...
just that simple...

For me...
i think properly & thoroughly for many times
what is the thing i really want...

Then what happened for previous months about our boss
plus i really think properly about it...

This is a tough decision i have to make
because i need to give up all the relaxing time & easy job what am doing
to face the hardcore job & fight for the figure
it will be totally a different world...

if am not going to step out from my current comfort zone
i will continuosly to be like this forever...
if something happen and i only want to explore into new field
it will be too late for me...
i will have no courage to fight for it...
so i think i must go out & explore and fight for what i want from now on

yes...i admitted that i quite enjoying my current job
but it will be better for me in my late years...
once i want to settle down myself for a stable & comfortable working zone
i will choose to come back
it's not selfish or what...
but i think it's the best way for me...
as i already have more experience to get myself in...

i really want to upgrade myself
not just being a rep for whole life
i want a higher achievement & higher level to fight for...
i must fight for it before it's too late...

Actually for this past 2months
i did tried alot of MNC company interviews...
also...i failed most interview
maybe am not the best they are looking for...
or maybe am not yet the standard for them...

What am looking for now is just a chance
until now i think i tried most of the big & top pharmaceutical companies (name not to be mention)
and a few smaller companies also

Am happy that i learn something from my interviews
and also luckily to get 1offer from it...
just it was not what am looking for...
now am still waiting the chance to come to me
tomorrow i will have another 2nd interview in a big & top MNC pharmaceutical company
(again...name not to be mention...until i really get the job offer)

Pray for myself & for my future as well
i really hope that i can get the chance for transformation...
Thanks god for being here with me...


Sunday, July 25, 2010

We rock Phuture♥

It's our happening time post again!!!
It was organised by CC & Jordan
as they discussed and thought that we always go G6 only...
long time never go Phuture d...
So, this time we gonna rock Phuture~~ <3

It's been a long time since the last time i came Phuture
am quite looking forward for this outing
Val told us it's also her 1st time been here...LOL!!!

Ray Dear & me reach there around 11something
that time was raining heavily...
but it can't stop us for the partay!!!

As am really looking forward for it
i changed a different hair style
i FLY with my WIG~~~
long time didn't wear it d...
and i also wear my downlashes which bought from Daiso
it's crossed lashes
LOVE it to the max!!! <3
and also the price is sooooo damn cheap!!!
must-have item!!!

As usual...
Zouk still very crowded...
if last time i will predict myself for meeting up with my party friends...
but long time never come out party d
so i think now here not many ppls that i knew

Val & Jojo brought Kok Wee to join us also...
and Daniel did brought his Gladis
we had lots of fun that night...
*Me and Daniel~~*
*Me and lovely Cindy*
*Us girls~~*
*Me and Kok Wee*
*My Ray Dear...Must kiss kiss*
*My Laopo~!!! <3*
*The guys are going craziiee*
*My Ray Dear & CC*
*Jojo so HIGH!!!*
*Cindy & Gladis in smokesss*
*We got one!!!*
*Jordan said wanna play kiss kiss but he paiseh*
*CC act cute with us XD*
*My Cute Miss Arnab aka Maggie*
*Ma lovely Ray Dear...Muacksss*
*Jordan, YY & me*
*Me and my pretty Val*

We did meet up with Su May
I've never seen her for ages!!!
must catch up with her d...
That night was a crazy night
Cindy K.O and something happened on her on that night after party
Kok Wee & Jojo puke like leaking water pipe!!!
Maggie got tipsy

We gonna rock Phuture for another time!!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The judgement day

It's another thing that i can't share in my FB
so pathetic me...

Just because of too many "spies" in my FB
i think it was my fault that i added them in

Since May i've already look for a new job *Shhhhh...*
i can't share my dilemma & any feeling about my job in FB
it's forbidden :(
cos ppls will take ur words and spread around
and too bad that they will always add spices & flavoring on it...
so the outcome will become very very unexpectable...

In previous post i did mentioned about my BOSS
i really can't tahan her already
and maybe because i've already over my limitation
so i gave up & decided to leave

Oh ya...one of the scences that i hate her very much and forgot to post in previous post
it was her that just simply cut off our salary
and just told us
"Oh ya...i mistakenly wrong calculated ur incentives...so i need to take back the amount from your coming pay out..."
she never discuss with us about everything
cos once we got the money of cos we very happy
but suddenly u just simply tell us this and wanna cut off such a big amount
how can we accept?!?!
it's not our fault that we cheat the money or what
it's ur fault to pay us more...
eventhough u wanna get back the money but why can't u just tolerate & discuss with us
maybe u can deduct month by month but not one shot
hate u!!!!!CRUEL BITCH!!!!

Tammie did told us that if happen that we find a new & better offer
please go for it...
don't waste our time with the BITCHY boss
she will leave also soon...
and i do take her words and started to search for better job
i do strongly want to get into pharmaceutical line
so i started to search on other big MNC pharma companies

As so many things unfairly happened on us
we decided to go to GM
actually not only our team
another team also has such kind of thing happened on them
they also can't tahan anymore
so all of us (7 person) go to see our GM

Actually in a company if this kind of thing happen
it must considered as a big deal already
cos we should directly go to our boss
can't straightly by-pass ur boss and go to the bigger one
but when no solution this is the only way

Luckily our GM is quite understanding
he really didn't expect this kind of thing will happen on us
in such big MNC company...
he promised us he will settle this case and get back to us asap
frankly, i can't wait to see how will she going on next
i think she should responsible on all of these

At last
everything is being solved
we finally get what we suppose to get

Next on,
i started to worry about my future...
will update it on next coming post...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my Valerie's 24th birthday!!!

This post is all about my dearie ValVal's birthday!!!
it's been 1year that we didn't spend together...
cos she went Aussie for 1year d
and am still in KL
but now she's back to KL again!!!

It's her 24th birthday this year...
since most of her besties are still in Aussie or back to KK d...
and now in KL she told me she just got a few friends...
am her bestie so must bring her out and hang out together!!!

The week before her birthday
Jojo (her BB) did called me up for some plans
he said want to give her a surprise
we go out & have dinner together then give her surprise...
i planned not to contact her and just let her thought that we all forget about her birthday

But i spoiled my own plan
it's because i lost Jojo's number
then in such idealess condition
i called Val and asked Jojo's number
so she found out our plan XD

On her big day
we went to have dinner at the nice Korean BBQ at Ampang again
thanks to CC brought us to such a nice place...
i did manage to ask CC, Cindy & jordan to join us as well
Ray Dear didn't join us because he was in outstation
Jun & MM join us too
MM came to KL d cos she brought Jun go Sg for check-up
so miss my MM!!!miss her voice...hahaha!!!
and Val's sister Cheryl did joined us also on that night...
too bad that sam couldn't make it...

Then after dinner
we brought out Val's birthday cake
although it's just a simple celebration
but we were so happy & satisfied that day...

Happy birthday my Dearie Val
Wish u stay pretty always & may all ur dreams come true...
will support u here always~~!!!
P/S: pls start keep fit... LOL!!! XD


Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye my grand daughter...

Remember that in my previous post i did mentioned that Ray Dear's Phoebe became mummy
and gave birth to 4 little babies??
actually this post is about her babies
i was thinking to blog it but forgot d...

Our four grand children actually we didn't exactly give name to them
cos Ray Dear's parrents were thinking to sell the babies
there are 3 boys & 1 girl
actually i prefer girl than boy cos girl will be more obedient then boy
especially for DOGS...

So as...
Ray Dear's brother sold the female one through internet
we have to say good bye to our little girl
so sad...

it's her
isn't she cute & adorable???
she's the most obedient & adorable among her siblings
cos she will be very quiet when u hug her or carry her on ur legs
i felt so bad that need to separate with her
as she will go to her new home...

*It's her inside the car & waiting her new owner*

She looks so innocent & naive...
regret to give her away *sob sob*

my 1st picture taken with my baby grand daughter

Good bye my dearie...
wish u find a warm home in the new family
hope that u can bring happiness to ur new family
and ur owner will treat u like precious...

love you!!!
from your grandmama

P/S: Next post will update about my dearie Fuipo Hui Lee's birthday!!! :D