Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sean & Mei Mei Big Wedding Day!!!

We've been looking forward for this wedding
it's because of already half an year since our last attendance for ppls' wedding
plus...most important is fren's wedding then all of us can attend together-gether

let's talk about Sean & Mei Mei's big day!!!
for the love birds <3
wish them happily ever after & loving always
wish they can build a sweet & warm small family

since most of us knew Sean
of cos we attend the wedding together
first of all Sean asked us -- Cindy, Maggie & me went to his bachelor night at Seremban
but we didn't go because of most are guys
plus we wanna have more time to well-prepared for our long wait dinner... LOL!!!
and my Ray Dear got his company meeting on that day...he sure very tired de...

On their wedding day
so sorry that can't make it to attend
cos the bridegroom need to rush from Seremban to Puchong then back to Seremban again
all the brothers were so tired...
we gals of cos wanna have our own sweet time to prepare marr...

I did went to do mani & pedicure for the dinner
not wanna b Kua Jeong
just wan Mei Mei marrr...
for nails i just use sweet pink & for toes i colored orangy-red
quite suit for my maxi dress XD
i wear a black maxi dress which in red rosie printed and it was bought from Bangkok
<3 it so much...
for my hair i tie up as high bun
cos normally i will keep it straight & simple
but this dress i think high bun is more CHIO-er & CUTIER
oh ya...this time i did use my M.A.C downlashes
very natural & nice...
and i wear my Pink Barbie super nudy lens!!!!!

* PRO~~!!!*
The wedding dinner just like our gathering
but all of us were enjoyed & happy

After the dinner
we went to sing-k at Red Box @The Gardens
it was quite an enjoyable night...


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