Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye my grand daughter...

Remember that in my previous post i did mentioned that Ray Dear's Phoebe became mummy
and gave birth to 4 little babies??
actually this post is about her babies
i was thinking to blog it but forgot d...

Our four grand children actually we didn't exactly give name to them
cos Ray Dear's parrents were thinking to sell the babies
there are 3 boys & 1 girl
actually i prefer girl than boy cos girl will be more obedient then boy
especially for DOGS...

So as...
Ray Dear's brother sold the female one through internet
we have to say good bye to our little girl
so sad...

it's her
isn't she cute & adorable???
she's the most obedient & adorable among her siblings
cos she will be very quiet when u hug her or carry her on ur legs
i felt so bad that need to separate with her
as she will go to her new home...

*It's her inside the car & waiting her new owner*

She looks so innocent & naive...
regret to give her away *sob sob*

my 1st picture taken with my baby grand daughter

Good bye my dearie...
wish u find a warm home in the new family
hope that u can bring happiness to ur new family
and ur owner will treat u like precious...

love you!!!
from your grandmama

P/S: Next post will update about my dearie Fuipo Hui Lee's birthday!!! :D

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  1. how much your selling for the pups? still got or not?hehe