Friday, July 2, 2010

She's not a HUMAN!!!!

since i haven't get the photos of Bkk trip from my laopo Bonnie
am gonna post other thing 1st

As what i mention in title
i HATE her soo soooo much!!!!
i am so supressed!!!!
cos we all love to "shout out" in FB when we r unhapppy, excited or u just want to CRY it out...
but...although i HATE her soo sooo much i can't write it in FB

FB got so many spies until no right to talk anything there
cos when i say something & express my feeling
some ppls will come after me & tell me
"wei...better dun write this & that cos ppls can see..."
(like i care...DUH!!!)

the HER i mention actually is my current boss
i dun care i can't write in FB so i must express my feeling here
she's really a WHORE, a BITCH!!!!!
Why i hate her so much?!?!?!

At 1st, yup...u r the boss u can say anything what u want...
we must obey & follow...
like u ask me not to b late & be punctual
i did it...
but u r NOT!!!
since dunno when u love to come in office only after u had breakfast with ur "yam fu" -->u can read in Cantonese
then we all like "So hai" waiting u in office...
always said ppl do wrongly this & that
but u thought u really 100% perfect!?!?!
u have no right to talk SHIT infront of us...

2ndly, u always act so INNOCENT & NAIVE!!!!
hey bitch, how old r u?!?!
so shame on u that always keep on mentioning ur husband
even income tax thingy also said
"Aiyo...i dunno done by my husband de...i dunno how to do de..."
Always love to show off the husband
but hell ya...everyone knews u got kaki with ur "yam fu" lor...
pls dun act like u r soooo aussprache!!!
Especially when we out for our meeting at outstation & u never stay overnight with ur roomate but with ur "yam fu" at other whereelse...
Pls don't say u r a holly christian ok?!?!

3rdly, i hate u becoz of u never think of us...
u always think about urself...
never try to help ur staff out...
incentive thingy delayed for almost 7months
incentive scheme never come out on black & white for us...
everytime ask u about incentive u just act NAIVE & said
"Oh ya...this is the thing i need to do for u guys..."
always claim that urself is soooooo damn bz...
NAH!!!!sleep with ur "yam fu" lar!!!!!
bz only doing the hell thing...

That's not only 3 things i hate u...
there are more than that...
just...i think i need to stop here & calm down
and i need to try not to talk bad things about u & think about ur BLURDY face...

You are not a HUMAN!!!
You don't deserve it at all!!!

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