Friday, June 17, 2011

Fantastic China: Journey to Nanjing

I know i've been dragging my post for sooo long...
cos maybe i'm not in the mood of blogging...
i'm not the famous blogger & not blog to gain visitors
just blog for my own as a dairy so that i can flash back what i did in the past...

Sometimes i will blog few posts when i'm in the mood
but maybe recently not that good mood for blogging... have to post about my China trip before update other posts...

Day 2 in China
After the Hangzhou 1day tour
we departed & went to Nanjing...

Actually Nanjing for me is very familiar...
it's famous in the history of 南京大屠殺
i believe that everyone read about this China history before
it's a misery time for all the China people...

Actually we reached Nanjing at 2nd night
we checked in to hotel & opposite our hotel is the夫子廟
it's a temple but now not "temple-ish" at all d...
it's soooo commercialize...
cos there are so many shops & food stalls but not temple for拜拜
we walk along the happening street nearby 
there's lot of souvenir shops
they selling the infamous桂花鴨...
it was my 1st time try this...i like it...quite yummy~!!!
Then i bought the sterilized packs of the duck parts like鴨腿,鴨翅,鴨胗...
as souvenirs for friends & colleagues...

The next day -- day 3
we go to the 南京大屠殺museum
actually i read this history during my high school time
quite deep in mind & feel sympathy for China
and this time i was going to go into the moment myself


Actually very impressed with what they did to memorize the peoples
alot of monuments there deliver the message of what happened the time
it's quite sad...

Then we went to the寞愁湖公園
actually nothing much there...
just scenery...

after the lake garden
we went to a shopping mall
there's a Germany restaurant there
Ray Dear sis brought us to eat there...

On that night
we travel to our final destination -- Shanghai
Yay!!!!very looking forward for Shanghai~~!!! <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fantastic China: Journey to Hangzhou

Finally can start posting about my China trip
i knew i'm very very late...
it's because of i have to compress the photo size one by one
i don't have the software which u can just drag all the things & compress it at once
and all the photo size are so big...
2-3MB per photo...
hard to upload also right?!

I think i have to find the setting how to make the photo size smaller...
start for my journey

It was my 1st time to China
actually felt very excited...
never been there before...
and this trip i went with my Ray Dear & his parents
we will meet up with his sis who working in Shanghai

And i called it FANTASTIC trip is because of the flight ticket & accomodation is FREE!!!'s FREE!!!!
have to say BIG thanks to Ray Dear's sis
because she wanted to invite her bro to China...
so as his bro's gf...i have this privilege~~
so i just prepare the money for shopping is enough...

We departed from LCCT
because Airasia only fly to Hangzhou
so we arrived at Hangzhou & pay Hangzhou a visit 1st
we depart in noon time
reached there it was already 11pm
we just took a cab to the hotel booked by Ray Dear's sis
then it's time for us to rest

The next day
Ray Dear's sis took us to visit步行街in Hangzhou
actually she told us every city in China got步行街
and we rent bicycles and ride around the Hangzhou city
most of the China ppls ride bicycles
maybe because of reduce air pollution & maybe some of the ppls can't afford to buy car
We just walk along the street
it's very China style street...
u can see they still got the China tradition
like拉大片, 古代式藥房,etc
we walk walk & have a look on the street

Then we went for lunch in a chinese modern restaurant
Ray Dear's sis told us she doesn't like China food
because most of the food very oily & salty
not our taste
this restaurant still ok because she went there before...
we had our 1st lunch in China...

After lunch 
we went to 西湖
China ppls say"遊西湖"
izzit sounds familiar???
hahahha!!!!of cos heard in Chinese movie...

And because the day was public holiday labour day
so it was sooooo damn crowded!!!!
there were so many ppls at there
if u ask me what the most in China
i will answer u "people"!!!!
i don't understand why public holiday all the ppls come out and just pay a walk at 西湖?!?!
izzit no other leisure or activity to do???
ishhhhh...i hate soo pack...
really "people mountain people sea"

Somemore 西湖just a ordinary lake
nothing much...
but the scene quite nice larrr...
just spoiled by PEOPLES!!!
maybe depends on ur interest on the scenery
if u like non-stop shopping spree then it will not be a good choice to go there
for me ok for sight seeing
just i don't like soooo damn crowded & pack!!!!

we went back hotel to check out
then catch the bullet train to go Nanjing
according to Ray Dear's sis
actually she thought that Hangzhou-Nanjing-Shanghai is a convenient route
mana tau Hangzhou to Nanjing is 3hours
whereby if from Hangzhou to Shanghai only 1hour

So we ended our 1st destination "journey to Hangzhou"

Next destination: Nanjing...
stay tune!!!