Friday, November 26, 2010

*Thumbs up* to Uncle Lin!!!

this post gonna talk about the nice food that i tried with my friends...

It's recommended by Alex & Nikki...
they mentioned there's a nice restaurant in Sri Gombak
they served daily fresh seafood & meats
all the seafood and meat are bought daily and they won't keep it frozen
so the food very fresh and the taste are nice...
yum yum~~
so we gonna try it out...

When we reached there
actually it's a normal restaurant at shoplots
it doesn't seems as happening or crowded as we expected
maybe it's Gombak...
there were 13 of us
so we conquered the whole 2nd floor

Then Nikki started to order and we had also pre-order the grill lamb and big fresh prawn
actually their menu have western food and local style food
i can't remember wat we ordered
but i remember it's ALOT!!!

When the food served
we were like "WAOooo~~~!!!"
cos we were too hungry and the food look really nice
and for sure we will need to do our "prayer"
hahaha!!!it's what called by CC them...
nice food of cos must snap it down marrr...

*Appetizer: Chips with cheese*
 *Pumpkin soup*
 *Our local fav -- Yong Tao Fu*
 *Fu Chuk and You Tiao...erm...this one very oily...*
 *Aglio olio*
 *Erm...i forgot what exactly is the name -- Chicken chop*
 *Grilled Salmon*
 *Yummy big tiger prawn with garlic & cheese*
 *Our pre-order dishes -- grilled lamb*
 *medium Steak*
 *Mussels with dunno what sauce but nice*
 *Mussels with mandarin orange...very unique rite??*
 *Oppsss...sorry i really forgot what is it d...hahaha!!!*
All the food there were nice...
worth to try and the price is quite affordable

of cos is our satisfied faces

Oh ya...
i didn't include Meil, Diane, Cheryl, Nikki, Alex & Yee face in my camera

Here's the address of Uncle Lin:
No.7, Jln SG3/16, Pusat Bandar Sri Gombak, Batu Caves, 
Selangor, Malaysia, 68100
 It's their facebook page:

If u wan to try the nice but affordable western food u can try at Uncle Lin
NAIS!!! :)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it's been a while...

it's been a while i never update my blog d...
now am gonna live it up for some updates...

Currently too many drama series for me to catch up.. 
it's really a nice and awesome HK TVB drama
if ever watch the 1st series巾幗梟雄  
i think this is really more more than what u expected...
i'm dying of it currently...
as PPS is only update 1episode everyday
so i also chase for 刑警2010
it's starring by 黃日華,苗僑偉&萱萱
it's about criminal case...
actually the story is quite interesting and also the stars starring also 
they are as awesome as those days...

i also starting to get my head into the fun GLEE season2...
in this season u will see the appearance of Charice, Britney Spears...
and a new cute blond guy Sam *winkz*
he's the Jessey Mccartney type...woot woot!!!
It is maybe why currently i abondaned my blog 
( i mean besides my busy working life larrr... ;P ) post i will blog about nice food

Stay tune!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Alma BB on my way ♥

finally put deposit for my new LV Alma BB!!!

Actually i want it for so sooo long d...
but when i just fall in love to this BB
and i found that it's so limited only...
i thought i can't get it anymore...

Luckily i got friend can help me find n buy it
althought it gonna take around 2months...
but finally i can have my Alma BB!!!

I'm in love with Alma BB in Pomme d'Amour
it's so attractive and lovely
isn't it?!

Monday, November 8, 2010

♥My name necklace♥

Just got my name necklace which orderred from Minimaos :)
i love it so much!!♥
love this name given by my daddy...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween party!!!

Last Saturday was Halloween
maybe Malaysia is not as happening as in the Western countries
cos we have our Chinese 鬼節...
 but for sure we gonna have fun here 

Nowadays there's many events happening around in KL
so we planned to rock Phuture again for this Halloween night...
i was wondering why Halloween can be so happening 
and everyone coming out for celebration 
and all dress up very spooky n funny
but for our Chinese 鬼節is like really strict
mummy always said must be at home early
don't go out so late 
there's lots of rules and things we forbid to do...

let's talk about our party
at first i didn't plan to wear like attend to a Halloween party
but Jun said there will be a Halloween party in Zouk KL
everyone's gonna wear as happening as they can...
i didn't prepare anything lerr...
somemore Maggie's birthday i did put effort on wearing to match the theme
this time i didn't prepare anything...
so finally i decided to put on my newly Miliyah wig which bought from Minimaos
and for the outfit just Cincai larrr...don't care so much...

That night i wear Miliyah wig 
my make up i make myself look more dolly with upper and lower fake lashes
the lower lashes i just cut off 1/3 and use the 2/3 to put it on...
(not like the usual 1/2 i cut off and only 1/2 stick at the back of eye corner)
for outfit,
i wear purple chiffon jumpsuit which bought from Kiki...
i love it so much ♥ *Weeee*

Oh ya...
the happy thing is...
Loges aka Clarissa was going to join us!!!!
as she was in KL for holidays...
finally she's here with us!!!♥
That night Ray Dear's volleyball-mates also joined us...
Kiet was here from Bintulu, Long was here from Penang...
and Ah Ping...
plus Faei and Darren also joining...
sounds so big group and happening rite??
Jun wear as a Sexy hotie "student"?!
Maggie acted as nottie bunny *for sure*
me myself i added Lena Fuji's beauty moles!!!
wow!!!my 1st time trying this...
cos totally not obvious when taking pics... :(
Bonnie and Loges wear as usual Hottie...

There were lots of cosplay and character acting...
like the angels, devils, wolf head, sexy nurse, police women, or some other characters idk...
it was fun seeing ppls wearing something happening and different...
too bad i didn't prepare and wear as LOUD as i can :P

Here's some pics of the night...