Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparation for Taiwan trip

am looking forward plus counting down to the day i go Taipei

And again
it's my 1st time been there
what i need to bring??
am so scare that if i bring the wrong apparels...
what if the weather is so cold there
i bring short sleeves & short pants
what if i bring thick coat there but then it's too "kua zhang" d if it's not as cold as winter time
this had been in my mind for quite a while
i never go there before so i dunno lar...

Asked a friend who studying in Taiwan
she said the weather there sometimes very cold but sometimes ok
what u mean by that...
not cold mean same as Malaysia???

Then i search in google for the weather forecast in Taipei
i found that average temperature is around 20degree
i think almost like Genting...
but heard from bro Ah Boy
he said that his friends just back from Taiwan
there seems like everyday keep raining
so how???
izzit i need to prepare more cardi & jacket???
Aikssss...headache lar...

i know am quite KAMPUNG PPL
cos some ppls may go overseas like drinking water
but it will be my 1st time lor
so of cos will be abit "gan jeong" one lar...

As conclusion...
i decide to bring 3cardis for matching, 1 jacket for sleeping
and 1 thicker jacket for in-case purpose
then i only bring 1short pants just in case lar...
1 long pants & 1 legging lor...
dress i only bring 2 cos 1 purposely for 墾丁de
tops just bring 3-4 for mix& match lor...i think more than enough
oh ya, and 1clubbing wear dress also...
now i just finish pack my apparels & inner wear only

still got daily use skincare & make-up items...
shoes ar...Hmmm...
if got 墾丁sure must wear sandals
 but i think if i go out i will wear flat shoes
plus if go clubbing ler...hahaha!!!so must prepare 1pair of heels also lar...
Alright...all set!!!
So am gonna sleep 1st...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alex & Bryan birthday!!!

It's Alex & Bryan birthday!!!
this year the party theme is "School Boys & Girls"
all of us need to wear school uniform to the party...

The party is at Eivissa located at TTDI Plaza
all of us can drink & party all night long
here come our school-mates!!!

Here's the birthday boys' cake -- Q jelly cake!!!
AwWwWwww...it's too cute~~!!!

It's me with the birthday boy number I -- our RESPECTFUL Alex Gan

And the birthday boy number II -- Our CUTEST boy Bryan Tan!!!
(Our nerdy student looks)

The school gals ROCK!!!
Oh ya...i wear high waisted black pinafore skirt + white ruffles top
and school gal must-have black knee socks!!!

Our Dai Sou -- Sien Fei
just personally knew her at the party (althought saw her pics in fb)
she's a nice & frenly person!!!

Me & my FohYenFung aka Miss Arnab baby!!!
Long time never see Kacte!!!
so happy to see her at the party...

Awww...sexy student look!!!

Me & my Rat Dear *winkz*

Me & Selina

Me & my laopo Bonnie

Me & Faye
long time no see her also
Everyone know who is she???

Me kena tortured by Dai Lou Alex
hahaha!!!it's the what called "graveyard" drink

Here's our lovely little cutie Bryan!!!
he really loves to act cute
he's cute, isn't he???

It was a great party!!!
Everyone had make this wonderful night together...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taiwan...am coming!!!

Am coming!!!
counting down to the day coming...

It's my 1st time to go Taiwan
am really really looking forward for this trip!!!
we've booked air-ticket since last year
i had wait for almost half a year d!!!

this trip i will go with my Ray Dear of cos...
and my Laopo Bonnie & her dear Onn
plus Ray Dear ex-colleagues will going with us also...
oh ya...and Laopo's mum & sis
So, total we 11ppls will go together
it's quite a big group i know

Am counting down to the day 31/3
yay!!!next week i will be on my vacation~~!!!
will update my Taiwan trip soon...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We rock G6!!!

I knew am not the young gals age for clubs already
but still want to enjoy life isn't it?!
nowadays i cut down alot on clubbing
P/S: One of the reason is am attached & not available like last time d...
usually will go & flirt around...hmmphh...when i was single...
plus, not as many kaki as last time d...
every ppls live they own new life d...not only for CLUB

just need to share few weeks ago we went to G6 club
it's a "quite" new club in KL city
usually i love to go Phuture
then after i cut down on clubbing
the newly opened clubs like G6, Rootz, Opera...
i never have chance to go also...

G6 is a nice club
it located at the top floor of Midvalley The Gardens
outside there are flowers & plants...some kind of garden feel
and u can see the whole KL also...
no cover charge
u can just walk in w/o paying anything
except u want DRINKS

1st went there with Terence & Kenix them
but the photos with Laopo Bonnie & until now she haven't post it up...haha!!!
it was my 2nd time been there
as i was highly recommend to CC & Daniel
they decide to go there & have a look
plus, it was CC's friend birthday
they wan club also larrr...

Me & my Ray Dear♥
Me, Elton, Philo
Daniel, Me
Me, my Loapo -- Bonnie
Me, Philo
Me, Philo, Maggie
Me, cindy, Philo, Maggie
Elton with the gals
CC with the gals
Me, Maggie

of cos i will call my ji muis out!!!
and Elton was joining us also
my Laopo brought Chao Pao Hao to join us as well
it was a fun nite
Maggie was showing her new Damier Neverfull...(LOL!!!)
while Cindy & me carried our Double C!!!

And we met Kyo & Charles them
it's been a long long time never see them

It was a good night
we ROCK G6!!!
I'm sure that we will continue to rock G6 again!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We not welcome u!!!

Last nite went to Sing K with Cindy & Miss Arnab them at Red Box @The Gardens
All of us : CC, Daniel, Ray Dear,etc were there
And when i reach there there's a NEW gal friend
i think she was brought by Chrys
Ok...we are always welcoming new friends to join us
cos there were also a NEW guy friend joining us too

All of us are very sporting person
we choose the songs & we will sing together
it's more SYOK that we sing together
even it's not the song i click for but we can stil sing together & enjoy
it's all the while we practice this

And the point is
we will wait for our songs to appear
if there too many of my songs i'm sure that i will ask ppl to do it lar...
cos am not selfish mar...

Then we realize that y our songs never appear one?!?!
finally we found out that it's caused by the inter-cut
the NEW gal friend keep inter-cut her songs up...
but then when i was singing the song 我愛他by丁噹
i can heard that they were talking
and what the gal said is like "我不要唱罷了marrr"
hrmmmpphh...izzit they discussing about my singing???
i dunno lar...
but my 1st impression to the gal is not so good d lor...
she wants to show ppls that she's expert in singing & her FUNNY singing expression & actions
i can't tahan d lor...
And i knew that Miss Arnab & Cindy start realize that
they have same feeling as me too

she also "purposely" mistakenly delete cindy's song
where got such a rude person

then she start to become tipsy
she keep flirting with the guy friends there excluding my Ray Dear lar...
Then she keep hugging Chrys...
where got such a "luan shui" person joining us...

then she start to drunk & need accompanied by Chrys to go toilet to PUKE
we just drink & sing K
if can't drink y drink so much...i dunno how much she drink lar...

after that she start lying at Chrys & sleep
looks like she get DRUNK d...
but then one FUNNY thing is...
when her song appeared
and said "it's my song o0o0o..."
where got a DRUNK person who had already inconscious but then will woke up automatically to sing her song de?!
how she knows her song appear?!?!
it was so funny

We can't tahan & keep discussing her
next time pls dun let her join us!!!
no more pls...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my latest precious♥

I've been looking for a Chanel bag for sooo sooooo long...
it's too high budget for me to own one
i thought that i will not own one shortly

Finally i got it!!!
it's bought from my laopo's fren Sue Yi's branded 2nd hand shop
her bags are so nice~~!!!
the price is also reasonable
it made my dream comes true~~~

My 1st Chanel

And i also bought a long LV wallet for myself also
cos it's recent design of LV
plus my laopo is HIGHLY recommending it
plus plus Sue Yi is giving me in such a cheap price!!!
i can't resist it

And i also bought my Ray Dear his 1st own Gucci sling bag for men
i'm loving it...
my Ray Dear will be smart enough when he carry this bag

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5/3 Library session

Recently my Miss Arnab starts gone wild
cos she starts to addict to BEER!!!
she wants all of us to become her "partners in crime" (LOL!!!)
So she decide to organize something & ask us out

1st time she was the organizer who organize the session for us
it's our LIBRARY time again!!!
again, we are the good students!!!
Here's the photos during our revision session which also known as Happy Hour

3 Flowers of UCSI (hahaha!!!self-admitted)
Me, Cindy, Mis Arnab
Me & Daniel
Miss Arnab, CC the cutie
we met Keith there
And CK also
My Ray Dear & Miss Arnab
The guys that night
Me ♥ Hoegarden

Monday, March 15, 2010

My baby iPhone is borned!!!

Yay yay!!!
Finally i got my NEW baby--iPhone

oppss...i know everyone will say that am a shopaholic who keep wasting money
but...my SE Aino really not as what i thought
just use it 2-3months only but it keep lagging d
somemore the camera also disappoint me

from the outlook it looks perfect
but when goes into details
Wuu Wuu...

So i really wanna change another new phone
maybe am easily influenced by frens surrounded
most of my frens now using iPhone
it's really a smart phone!!!
lots of applications u can play with it...

one of the reasons i decided to get it now
it's bcos of i will finish my installment of this Dell baby am using
so can start for any installment plan without any problem

i got it now!!!
my new baby is White color 16GB 3GS iPhone
& the case is purple metallic color
maybe soon am gonna get a bling bling diamonds leather case

So now my SE Aino will be the DIGI carrier for my DIGI number
although i got my lovely new toy
but i will still appreciate my SE Aino cos it's my pressie from my Ray Dear♥

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy White Valentine's Day

Happy White Valentine's Day to everyone!!!
for those who are in relationship...
wish u all always stay as SWEET as the honey
for those who are single ppl
wish u find ur Mr/Ms Right soon

For me & my Ray dear
we didn't specially celebrate for it like February Valentines...
just treat as normal day

Both of us stay home for whole day
watching drama by PPS
accompanied by our daughter

Then night time we go for a movie
cos am movie freak
so movie is a DATING MUST!!!

We watch at Pavilion
It's a touching story by Confucius
Confucius is starring by Chow Yun Fat Daigo
y his life so tragic
he's a great thinker, philosopher & educator indeed
haizzz...China is full of pedantic & traditions created by the ancestors ruler
what he did is good for future...
but in the age his philosophy & thinking is not really accepted by all the ppls
this is y his experiences been so pathetic...

Now for us
we learn his thinking, his philosophy
all of us know the name & greatness of Confucius
until today he's been very successful

Here's the storyline of this movie:





Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've become AUNTY...gosh!!!

Time fly really fast
the moment of Mandy Loh's wedding still fresh in my mind
this moment her baby is borned...

Feel so happy for her
As as caring mummy & loving wife
i feel glad that she finally found her loves one & build her own lovely family...

I can see that she changed alot
transform from a gal who is looking for true love
to a responsible mother
she's so great

Last few weeks went to her baby Kayla's fullmoon party
listen to her pregnancy story, confinement story...
look at her proficient baby hugging skill, breastfeeding skill...
i can said that
am proud of her...She's the mother!!!

Kayla is soooo cute!!!
she got dark black + thick hair
her eyeball is so dollish!!!
she's so adorable
she likes to look at u when u hugging her
or when we chit-chating she loves to listen
seems like she understand what we talking about...LOL!!!

The moment i saw Kayla
i feel like i wish to be a mother too...
but being pregnant, giving birth, confinement
the periods are memorable yet hard
cos u may get lots of complications
that's why MOTHERS are GREAT!!!
somemore it's not easy to raise up a child
u can see from our own growing process...

And i just realize that
GOSH!!!am ppl's AUNTY now!!!!!