Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We rock G6!!!

I knew am not the young gals age for clubs already
but still want to enjoy life isn't it?!
nowadays i cut down alot on clubbing
P/S: One of the reason is am attached & not available like last time d...
usually will go & flirt around...hmmphh...when i was single...
plus, not as many kaki as last time d...
every ppls live they own new life d...not only for CLUB

just need to share few weeks ago we went to G6 club
it's a "quite" new club in KL city
usually i love to go Phuture
then after i cut down on clubbing
the newly opened clubs like G6, Rootz, Opera...
i never have chance to go also...

G6 is a nice club
it located at the top floor of Midvalley The Gardens
outside there are flowers & plants...some kind of garden feel
and u can see the whole KL also...
no cover charge
u can just walk in w/o paying anything
except u want DRINKS

1st went there with Terence & Kenix them
but the photos with Laopo Bonnie & until now she haven't post it up...haha!!!
it was my 2nd time been there
as i was highly recommend to CC & Daniel
they decide to go there & have a look
plus, it was CC's friend birthday
they wan club also larrr...

Me & my Ray Dear♥
Me, Elton, Philo
Daniel, Me
Me, my Loapo -- Bonnie
Me, Philo
Me, Philo, Maggie
Me, cindy, Philo, Maggie
Elton with the gals
CC with the gals
Me, Maggie

of cos i will call my ji muis out!!!
and Elton was joining us also
my Laopo brought Chao Pao Hao to join us as well
it was a fun nite
Maggie was showing her new Damier Neverfull...(LOL!!!)
while Cindy & me carried our Double C!!!

And we met Kyo & Charles them
it's been a long long time never see them

It was a good night
we ROCK G6!!!
I'm sure that we will continue to rock G6 again!!!

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