Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My moving plan

I have something on my mind since 2months ago
I'm thinking to move into Ray Dear's house
That's mean i'm thinking to stay with him

Actually this thought had been struggling me for a long while
as in my mind
1stly, i always think that "I will not stay with my boyfriend"
it's because of everything i saw the couples stay together
they get more quarrels, it may spoilt their relationship
and they may breakup in the end
for me, i cant tahan my bf messy behaviours
i will scold non stop on the messy thingy
end up i knew it will be very worse
that's y all of the ppls said相處容易相住難
2nd, dunno since when
my MM keep reminding & advising us
must not stay at bf's house
cos u may spoil ur own reputation as a gal
ppls will think u very cin-cai
if soon breakup ppls will talk about u
*hmm..i think maybe it happened during long long ago, not this modern age

The most important issue i need to think about is how the relationship will become if staying together

Reasons that i made such plan:
1. As am staying in rented room, every month need to pay more than RM500++ for room rental & carpark rental...such a big amount also
Although am staying with Jess & Maggie
but if i plan to buy my own house soon i will need to save $$ 

2. Since last year June we moved into the unit until now
everything haven't completely set up...
Example: heater spoilt, lousy internet connection, no sofa, can't watch TV,
no dining table & chair
Everyday back home only can stay inside the room

3. Everyday, either Ray Dear will stay overnight at my house or i will stay at his place
Since we have our daughter Blushie
as i can't bring her go home (the condos have such strict rules on living animals...)
Blushie is staying at Ray Dear's house
if Ray Dear stay at my house, no one will take care of Blushie
so now i stay at his house frequently more than staying at my own house

4. Everytime stay overnight at mine or his house
both of us will need to carry lots of own personal things to the other side
for me for sure i need to bring lots of things along
sometimes we go out from his house & i would like to wear the apparels/accessories
but the item is at my own house
u see...how inconvenient is it?!

5. The distance between Ray Dear & my house is around 12km
but if we go by DUKE highway we will need to pay RM2 toll fee
2 way is already 24km + RM4
wow...very pricey ler...
said wanna save money wah...like this how to save?!

6. Actually am planning to settle myself down
for me Ray Dear is the chosen one
i hope that our relationship will continue until the end of the day
am not play play only what
somemore bothe of us planning to save money & buy own house in 2-3 years time

Hmmm...keep thinking repeatly again & again
Finally my decision is I WILL MOVE TO RAY DEAR'S HOUSE

P/S: Actually now am already staying in his house
but actual move will be end of April
cos of the 2months moving notice
And i haven't move all of the big furnitures yet...
haizzz...frankly to tell, i hate moving house

Anyway, Happy staying with my Ray Dear♥

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