Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alex & Bryan birthday!!!

It's Alex & Bryan birthday!!!
this year the party theme is "School Boys & Girls"
all of us need to wear school uniform to the party...

The party is at Eivissa located at TTDI Plaza
all of us can drink & party all night long
here come our school-mates!!!

Here's the birthday boys' cake -- Q jelly cake!!!'s too cute~~!!!

It's me with the birthday boy number I -- our RESPECTFUL Alex Gan

And the birthday boy number II -- Our CUTEST boy Bryan Tan!!!
(Our nerdy student looks)

The school gals ROCK!!!
Oh ya...i wear high waisted black pinafore skirt + white ruffles top
and school gal must-have black knee socks!!!

Our Dai Sou -- Sien Fei
just personally knew her at the party (althought saw her pics in fb)
she's a nice & frenly person!!!

Me & my FohYenFung aka Miss Arnab baby!!!
Long time never see Kacte!!!
so happy to see her at the party... student look!!!

Me & my Rat Dear *winkz*

Me & Selina

Me & my laopo Bonnie

Me & Faye
long time no see her also
Everyone know who is she???

Me kena tortured by Dai Lou Alex
hahaha!!!it's the what called "graveyard" drink

Here's our lovely little cutie Bryan!!!
he really loves to act cute
he's cute, isn't he???

It was a great party!!!
Everyone had make this wonderful night together...

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