Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've become AUNTY...gosh!!!

Time fly really fast
the moment of Mandy Loh's wedding still fresh in my mind
this moment her baby is borned...

Feel so happy for her
As as caring mummy & loving wife
i feel glad that she finally found her loves one & build her own lovely family...

I can see that she changed alot
transform from a gal who is looking for true love
to a responsible mother
she's so great

Last few weeks went to her baby Kayla's fullmoon party
listen to her pregnancy story, confinement story...
look at her proficient baby hugging skill, breastfeeding skill...
i can said that
am proud of her...She's the mother!!!

Kayla is soooo cute!!!
she got dark black + thick hair
her eyeball is so dollish!!!
she's so adorable
she likes to look at u when u hugging her
or when we chit-chating she loves to listen
seems like she understand what we talking about...LOL!!!

The moment i saw Kayla
i feel like i wish to be a mother too...
but being pregnant, giving birth, confinement
the periods are memorable yet hard
cos u may get lots of complications
that's why MOTHERS are GREAT!!!
somemore it's not easy to raise up a child
u can see from our own growing process...

And i just realize that
GOSH!!!am ppl's AUNTY now!!!!!

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