Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bye KL Hello Phuket!!!

will be going to Phuket for my holidays!!!
it's a massively fun trip cos we will going in a BIG group of 18ppls!!!

Will post about my Phuket trip...
see ya!!bye!!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome my Juicy baby♥

finally got my Juicy sandals!!!!!
i'm looking forward to own it sooooo long d...

Actually i decided to get the older design of the Juicy Couture sandals
it comes with a lovely chain
but when i really decided to buy it the sandals were out of stock d...
have to wait for new design in next spring/summer season

I knew getting a real Juicy Couture sandals are too overly extravagant
cos just a pair of sandals will cost u around RM200
i did criticized about people wearing thousands dollars shoes on them...
and now i did the same thing!!!
*oklar...i spend lesser a 0 digit lerrr...*

But sometimes it really spontaneously...
u walk through the shop
then u pull out ur strength walk into the shop
when u saw the one u want
u will straightaway grab it and go!!!
I was the one very spontaneous...

So finally i own this RM250 Juicy Couture sandals!!!
this is the latest 2011 Spring/Summer collection
i love pink color but i knew it will easily get dirty and i will be very upset to see dirts on the RM250 sandals...
so i decided to get a brown one...

I love it especially the chain!!!
it's my 1st Juicy item & it's the sandals that i wanted very very long time!!!
i felt totally 100% satisfied when i paid and carried the bag out from the shop

And after the spontaneous action
i felt very heartache on the money i spent
i need to confess about it...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My DIY mermaid hair

Actually i'm lazy to style up my hair
everytime i will just keep it straight
then my Laopo taught me how to use the curler to curl my hair
i love the curls...
but won't u think it hurt our hair???
cos everytime curl it by 180-190c
somemore i'm not expert enough so need longer time to curl...

I read in Xiaxue's blog
she did shared about a method to DIY mermaid hair
i did tried it during the CNY
i like it!!! 
Thanks to Xiaxue♥

*This is after few hours...very natural*
This post i'm gonna share another method to DIY mermaid hair
it's tutored by Kiki
she taught me another way to DIY pretty mermaid hair
thanks to Kiki♥

Here's the steps DIY using kiki's way:

P/S: buy a海綿寶寶 idk how to say in English *sorry*
1. tie a pony tail as "high" as possible

2. 海綿寶寶got a hole then u just put ur pony tail thru the hole and pull until the hair end

3. u press the hole to make the hole tighten up
4. start rolling the海綿寶寶down to ur hair root
5. turn the sponge to roll it as a bun
 P/S: if u wanna make a bun then it's done♥
6. if u wan mermaid curly hair then just keep it like that and u can sleep

The next day u will have a nicely curled mermaid hair!!!!



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our 2011 V day ♥

I know this is very very late post 
as it's already 1 month ago
i dun care...just post it up for my own syok

This year Valentines day is our 3rd V day
and the funny part was...
both of us totally forgot about 14th was around the corner and haven't plan anything yet...
cos the time was still CNY and bz this and that...
so we forgot about 14th was here d...

And effectively
we called to book the restaurant i would like to try
it's a german restaurant - El Cerdo
saw from others' fb about this restaurant...
this restaurant is just located at Changkat Bukit Bintang
which can eat suckling pig
worth to have a try...

Because of our後知後覺
i have no idea what to buy for my Ray Dear's Valentines present...
then i was thinking why not date him to Jay Chou's concert
and i just realized that Jay concert ticket was SOLD OUT in very long ago...
hahahah...i'm really後知後覺...

Finally i planned to buy him a new spec
cos his spec broken quite some time
and haven't get a new spec yet...
so it's quite realistic rite??
better than buy something unrealistic and can't always use it...
somemore CNY just past and Ray Dear bought lots of new clothes d...
here's his new Evisu spec!!!actually i love it too 

Thanks dear for the pressie
i love this Tiffany & Co. necklace soo much!!!!

And i was told by Ray Dear that i will get a surprise from him
he mentioned that no bf he knew so far got such surprise for their gf
wow...can't imagine what izzit?!?!

Then on that day he gave it to me 
i was like "OMG!!!!hahahaha"
ROFL to the max!!!
dunno how to describe but was so funny and warm...
*Choosing red wine*
We went to El cerdo and have our V day dinner
there were lots of couples dining there too
the food there quite nice
but i was so full until wanna vomit out all the food...
hahaha!!!when u look at the food seems like small portion
once u finish all the course 
ur stomach will feel like bursting...
ok...i don't need to mention the menu and here's the menu of the dinner

We were quite satisfied 
and after the dinner it's our movie session
it's me plan for the movie session after dinner
hahaha!!!blame the red wine...
we  were quite sober after the wine
but oklarr...still can watch romantic movie
we went Pavilion to watch "No Strings Attached"
i love the movie especially Natalie Portman & my fav Ashton Kutcher!!!!

Ray Dear, happy Valentines day!!!
u made my life full of warmness and excitement 
u fill up my soul ♥
u are my perfect dear and i love you 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan...

On 11th of March 2011
while i was still in Langkawi
attending my company energizing workshop...

A breaking news hit all over the world...
our infamous Japan having the most critical moment 
as 8.9 magnitude earthquake happened and Tsunami hit Japan...
it just destroyed the urban city in shortly

It was a shock breaking news for all of us...
as this is a very severe disaster
it cause highly alert and awareness to the worldwide...
I was shivered and shocked when i watched the youtube breaking news that shared by others
feel sympathy for the japanese and what happened in the beautiful country...

Heard from the news that mentioned
Japan nuclear plant on fired...
luckily it been stopped before it was too late...
but there was radiation leak reported in Japan Fukushima
heard from radio news it reported that Japan is facing the toughest moment after the WW2...

Pray to god for helping Japan...
may god be with them in this critical moment...
may god hear their prayer and lead them out of this disaster...

Most of the Asian countries in high alert that radiation may reach us...
hope that god will be with us
hope that we will be fine!!!