Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome my Juicy baby♥

finally got my Juicy sandals!!!!!
i'm looking forward to own it sooooo long d...

Actually i decided to get the older design of the Juicy Couture sandals
it comes with a lovely chain
but when i really decided to buy it the sandals were out of stock d...
have to wait for new design in next spring/summer season

I knew getting a real Juicy Couture sandals are too overly extravagant
cos just a pair of sandals will cost u around RM200
i did criticized about people wearing thousands dollars shoes on them...
and now i did the same thing!!!
*oklar...i spend lesser a 0 digit lerrr...*

But sometimes it really spontaneously...
u walk through the shop
then u pull out ur strength walk into the shop
when u saw the one u want
u will straightaway grab it and go!!!
I was the one very spontaneous...

So finally i own this RM250 Juicy Couture sandals!!!
this is the latest 2011 Spring/Summer collection
i love pink color but i knew it will easily get dirty and i will be very upset to see dirts on the RM250 sandals...
so i decided to get a brown one...

I love it especially the chain!!!
it's my 1st Juicy item & it's the sandals that i wanted very very long time!!!
i felt totally 100% satisfied when i paid and carried the bag out from the shop

And after the spontaneous action
i felt very heartache on the money i spent
i need to confess about it...


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