Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dollies outing ♥

It was our dollies night outing in @live, Sunway
we dolls -- Kiki, my laopo, Kate, J-ye & me
we organised a night outing to @live
our purpose of the outing is because of Kate
out theme of the night is "Usamimi"!!!
it's just for our dollies' fun!!!!♥

Kate aka Sushi
she's the funny doll among us
cos she straightforward attitude & words will make u LOL
i like it!!!
knew her thru J-ye cos she's J-ye Laopo (hahaha!!!copy from me & bonnie)

J-ye aka Minimaos
she's the adorable doll among us
she can be cute sometimes & she can also be the wild cat
 ♥ her too
knew her few years ago in freelance job
like her look & she looks so noble & hard to get close
but when u become closer with her u will find out she's a very friendly & warm person

Kiki aka Tweety bird
no need to mention much cos sure most of my post got her
she's our "Si Tao Po" & wardrobe supplier
hahahaha!!!!90% of our apparels bought from her room8008
we call her Tweety because she likes to Tweet here Tweet there
the voice like tweety bird

My laopo aka Panda Bou
it's the nickname given by them...

And me myself the Kecik Miao
they named this for me because i'm the tiniest among us

And lastly Maggie aka Ms Arnab
she didn't join us because she was not free on that outing

Pics of the night ♥ 


Saturday, May 28, 2011

See you in Phuture

It was a random outing with my dearies
i forgot to blog about this outing...

Just another random night outing
with Bonnie my Laopo, Kiki, Mandy Sim, Meil, etc
met some new friends who are Mandy's housemates

That night i wore a corset-like bustier bodycon dress bought from room8008
i was sooo looking forward to wear it
cos it's sooo lovely
mana tau...
dunno izzit my boobies not big enough or what reason
no one "WOW" at my dress
kinda disappointed...
maybe i should take it for alteration

That's all for the night♥


Thursday, May 26, 2011

my new hair

As i've so bored on my long hair d...
and friends around me change their hair style

Like Kiki the Tweety...
she made a big decision & cut her longggg hair one shot!!!
how brave she is...
for me i sure will feel regret cos the hair take time to grow...

And just like J-ye the Minimaos
her long hair had follow her for many years d
but now she also change a really different curly short hair

They make me feel like it's time to change my boring hair
and i finally decided to make it curl & cut it...
but i still don't dare to one shot cut until very short length

I've found some references in magazine
i knew most of the magazine models their hair usually curled by curler
but i would like to change my boring hair style
so i don't care anymore...

I fall into Chikako (Vivi model) hair style...
like her middle length hair & the curly tone...
finally i made up my mind & do it

As what the stylist told me...
Chikako's hair was curled by curler
but he can make similar style as hers...

So now my new hair style is
one thing i feel regret...
it's very hard to manage the curly hair!!!!!

i've to spend up to 1 hour to blow it dry & make it curl
if don't manage well my hair will like SHIT!!!
many years didn't do perming d
now i've to learn from head to toe for my curly hair
have to learn the technique to blow nice hair & make it looks pretty 

Especially my hair type is really dry hair type
so after i did the perming
the hair like HAY!!!!
 they look so damage...
it's what i regret on the perming...

But now i decided to learn to blow nice curly hair...
just give some time for my new hair...
I believe that Pretty gals need to be hardworking & put effort on they outlook...

P/S: I can foresee myself will make the hair straight again...LOL!!!!

Next i'm gonna make my hair short until shoulder length...
for me i still love long hair but i believe that my hair will grow longer one day
stay tune!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy birthday to me ♥

After came back from China trip
the next weekend was my birthday...
so sorry haven't update anything yet...

It's just a small post about my birthday
the detail post will post up soon after i edit all the photos...