Friday, January 28, 2011

Counting down the day...

Tik Tok Tik Tok...
it's another 4 more days i will be in KK!!!
finally it's my holiday back home...
i miss my lovely home so much!!!

It's time for packing my luggage and go back
and it's the headache time to choose what to bring what not to bring...
i hope can bring my whole closet back...*day dreaming*
which shoes need to bring to match my CNY new clothes?
which clothes should i bring back to match the ocassion?
and which bag should i bring back to match my apparels?
hahah!!it's impossible to bring everything...
so it's time for me to start planning...

I feel like i'm getting older and older
previous CNY i'm sure very looking forward for Ang Pao session
feel very excited to go around bai nian and get Ang Pao
eventhough we go to some not-so-close friend's house bai nian
i also felt like it's ok as long as can get Ang Paos...

But now for me
how old am i?!
still not shame to go around peoples' house and get Ang Pao meh?!
if lucky i'm the one who give Ang Pao lor...right???
 somemore i'm not so interested to go around bai nian like little kids d...
just let the real kids do this thing larrr...

This time i must spend more time with my parents 
spend more time to find some long-time-no-see friends and attend some gatherings
and of cos mahjong & lami session XD

As an conclusion,
i share this song "Coming home by Diddy ft Skylar Grey"

P/S: i'm gonna post about my CNY pre-feeling & company annual dinner soon!!!wait me!!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bz bee...

This gonna be my bz bee week...
cos cycle meeting, annual dinner & chasing sales...

Schedule of the week:
17/1 (Mon) - Still ok can enjoy for just 1day
18/1 (Tue) - Cycle Meeting
19/1 (Wed) - Cycle Meeting again
20/1 (Thu) - Although it's Thaipusam holiday still have cycle meeting ==|||
21/1 (Fri) - Wrap up meeting & Annual Dinner

So i'm a busy bee this week...


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Which super star am i???

I'm cracking & scratching my head for this coming annual dinner
it will be my 1st annual dinner in Boehringer Ingelheim
it will be different as the previous one cos the ppls here are really daring for dressing up
and it will be prizes for best dress
i'm gonna get the $$$!!

This year annual dinner theme is "A movie date"
so what i'm gonna wearing???
what character should i take to impress everyone
and not to crash with ppl???

At 1st...
i was thinking to act as Audrey Hepburn
she's all ladies's idol for the signature dress
i love her outlook in "Breakfast at Tiffany"
frankly to tell she's easy to imitate
cos the dress u can just find in some boutiques...
plus the jewel necklace, black gloves & ciggy...
it was Maggie who got me this idea...
and also i bought a very gorgeous black dress similar as the Audrey's signature dress in Zara

I love her gorgeous look♥

But then
my colleague Melinda told me
there will be alot of Audrey Hepburn imitation in the dinner
cos her previous company GSK had such theme as annual dinner before
and there were a few of ladies imitate our gorgeous Audrey
oh no!!!then i have to think again what i should wear...

And we went to a few costumes rental shop
actually there were alot of long dress but not suit me
cos i'm too petite to wear it...
so i must find the petite cutting outfit

In my mind i was thinking why not Alice in the wonderland
cos i googled and search
wow!!!i found something i like!!!
i love the outfit...very mini & it's HAWT...
and luckily i found it in a shop
thanks god!!!
finally i got it!!!and also it suits me well

Abbott had their annuall dinner last month
and unfortunately their theme is exactly the same as us!!!
OMG!!!why those companies love to have such themes...
either this or that...haizzz...
and unfortunately i find it ChinKuan was wearing exactly the same piece as mine...
i think she also rent it from the shop
for me i wouldn't want to have same crash outfit incident happen
although not in the same time and same company
but then when ppls look into the FB album and sure realize we are wearing the same piece...

And now the time is constraint
i have no time to search for another outfit that suits me well
so i decided to go to Alice...
but i will add some other things to enhance it & to make myself look unique 
wish me luck!!!

Actually i was wondering why no lady Mad Hatter???
cos i love the Mad Hatter outfit in the photo i attached...
it's much more hotter than the Alice...
And i also wondering what's the difference between super star & Movie date???
cos they keep mentioning Movie date but then in their emails they talk about super star
not all super stars acting in movie...
so it's so confusing...
if can imitate super star why not i choose to be Katy Perry?!
i love her so much!!!♥
if can i shall be her in "California girls"

the dinner is around the corner
i don't have time to think d...
just let it be...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying back to home...

Start from today
it's 14days counting down to the day i back home

It's been so long i never go back home d...
feel different cos 50% stranger feel 50% looking forward

i'm looking forward because of i can see my Daddy Mummy & Boy
and also my friends that long time never meet
oh ya...and also the food i miss so badly...

then the 50% stranger feel is because i felt myself had becoming a KL-ian
i had fully adapted to KL life
have my own home here, my RayDear, my daughter, my closed friends...
and i go back KK
i'm like a stranger to KK
cos i didn't get in touch with most of the friends there...
only a few are closed enough...
everything seems like not so familiar for me d
i think i really didn't go back too long d

This time i go back
i dunno whether i can get closer to the KK friends or not
and i dunno ppls will treat me like a stranger or not

just the words -- Good To Be Back


Sunday, January 9, 2011

I ♥ Red Lips

i wanna try it very very long time d...
but always scare ppls will say it's so Kua Jeong 
especially my Ray Dear...

Actually i wanted to try during Bonnie birthday party...
applied on my lips d
just because of Ray Dear's reaction when he saw it
i rubbed all the color away...

Last day of 2010
i don't care anymore...
i want to do it once as it's the last day of the year...

Then i told Maggie to accompany me...
hahaha!!!i'm so bad
if ugly let us ugly together...
but i don't think it's ugly...

The result is very magnificent!!!
thankfully ppls said it's nice!!!
of cos most are ladies...
maybe guys just think differently

And after that
i was told by Maggie
now Red Lips is a trend!!!
we are fashionista on the track!!!

So the conclusion is
my Red Lips make up SUCCESSFUL!!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my 2011 resolutions & plannings...

Here comes my 2011 resolutions & plannings♥...
  1. Save more than RM10k. (i don't want to stress myself for save more than RM50k because RM10k i already very hard for me to achieve...don't want be so kiasu)
  2. Maintain my weight at 40kg & want to have more better body shape & B*eherm*. (it's all depends on my Easecox corset)
  3. Get my job confirmation in 6months. (i started my job since October 2010)
  4. Renovate Re-decorate the house with my Ray Dear. (have to start on surveying new furnitures)
  5. Buy daddy & mummy a trip. (have to let them plan their holidays)
  6. Do something very BIG! (have no idea yet...let me think)
  7. Clear up all the debts. (no matter PTPTN, credit cards, etc)
  8. I wanna be grandma. (let Blushie get married & get pregnant)
  9. Get a dream bag. (aiming for new target...)
  10. Hit all the sales. ( HIT = $$$ )
  11. Start to cook homecook meal at home. (at least twice per week)
  12. Start healthy diet. (if possible, avoid those fatty food)
i think i set too many resolutions for myself...
but i will try my best to accomplish all!!!
Then now is my 2011 travel plan♥...*Weeeee*
work hard and enjoy hard also marr...
  • Phuket trip : 1st - 3rd April (it will be the 1st time for me to go Phuket and this time the trip will be in very very de BIG gang!!!i think around 20++ excited for it!!!)
  • Shanghai trip : TBA by my Ray Dear (the flight ticket and accomodation all paid by Ray Dear's good!!!it will be my 1st time to Shanghai too*Weeeee*)
  • Penang trip : TBA by mummy (it will be the trip to visit my Ah ma...forgot the date we booked d)
  • Hong Kong trip : 3rd - 7th August (it will be my 1st time to Hong Kong too...very looking forward for this trip)
temporarily this is it...
hope can go Bkk again :P

So it's time for me to work hard and complete all the tasks!!!
Hope myself enjoy every moment of this brand new year


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 NYE countdown♥

Goodbye 2010!!!
Welcome the brand new 2011!!!

2011 countdown was a headache thing for us
cos we all went to Melacca for celebration d...
plus most of the friends got their own activities...
was thinking to join Ethan for party at Phuture
at last we didn't join because some LOU YEs can't tahan to pack in very crowded club

So last minute decision
we joined Bonnie for Souled Out countdown party
Bonnie worked on that day
everyone will say "sot one meh?!holiday still want to work?!"
but RM450 wohhhh...die die also go lar!!!
there were just Maggie, CC, RayDear, Me, Guan, Dailou, Valerie & Jojo
only few of us...

But it was a great countdown there...
same as last year 2010 countdown
last year was MJ theme
got MJ imitation show
this year is "Pirate Ahoy"!!!
the staffs there dressed up as pirates
there were the customers dressed up as pirates also...
it was fun right?

 Valerie can't tahan she wanna try RED LIPS also XD
On the new year eve,
i suggested Maggie to try on RED LIPS
we wanna be sok 4s!!!
actually i was thinking to try during Bonnie's birthday but Ray Dear said not nice wohh...
i don't care!!!
On that night
i wore the XXX mesh tube dress brought from Kiki
and matched with my lovely Prada pouch...*winkz*
do guys know fashion?!
of cos not!!!
so i die die also put on my RED LIPS!!!

 The instructions to eat a pizza preoperly :P
The countdown was awesome presented by the Souled Out staffs
the pirates march up a canon stage
then they start to countdown the seconds to 2011
every count got fire boom
then when it counted to 0
the awesome fireworks started!!!
the fireworks are sooo nice!!!
much more nicer than last year...

Actually Souled Out is a quite nice place for countdown if you don't like to pack with the crowd
and it also very happening as there will be countdown party every year...
see you next year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

our christmas pressie ♥

This post is sharing for the christmas presents :)

It was my dream to have a Prada bag
i was wanting to have BN1707
it's RM5280
but i found another lovely bag in Prada...
and it's now is mine!!!♥
Thanks to my RayDear!!!

I was planning to buy RayDear a Ralph Lauren polo tee
but there was no discount in RL
hmmm...then i found that polo tee in Burberry is much more nicer than the RL tee cos everyone is wearing so cheap...
finally i bought RayDear a new Burberry checker tee

And i was thinking to buy a christmas gift to my lovely Blushie
and it was an coincidence that her necklace lost when we brought her for grooming
so i decided to buy her a new necklace
u see how cute is her~~
she loves her gift very much...

P/S: gonna post about the NYE and 2011 resoultion!!!