Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 NYE countdown♥

Goodbye 2010!!!
Welcome the brand new 2011!!!

2011 countdown was a headache thing for us
cos we all went to Melacca for celebration d...
plus most of the friends got their own activities...
was thinking to join Ethan for party at Phuture
at last we didn't join because some LOU YEs can't tahan to pack in very crowded club

So last minute decision
we joined Bonnie for Souled Out countdown party
Bonnie worked on that day
everyone will say "sot one meh?!holiday still want to work?!"
but RM450 wohhhh...die die also go lar!!!
there were just Maggie, CC, RayDear, Me, Guan, Dailou, Valerie & Jojo
only few of us...

But it was a great countdown there...
same as last year 2010 countdown
last year was MJ theme
got MJ imitation show
this year is "Pirate Ahoy"!!!
the staffs there dressed up as pirates
there were the customers dressed up as pirates also...
it was fun right?

 Valerie can't tahan she wanna try RED LIPS also XD
On the new year eve,
i suggested Maggie to try on RED LIPS
we wanna be sok 4s!!!
actually i was thinking to try during Bonnie's birthday but Ray Dear said not nice wohh...
i don't care!!!
On that night
i wore the XXX mesh tube dress brought from Kiki
and matched with my lovely Prada pouch...*winkz*
do guys know fashion?!
of cos not!!!
so i die die also put on my RED LIPS!!!

 The instructions to eat a pizza preoperly :P
The countdown was awesome presented by the Souled Out staffs
the pirates march up a canon stage
then they start to countdown the seconds to 2011
every count got fire boom
then when it counted to 0
the awesome fireworks started!!!
the fireworks are sooo nice!!!
much more nicer than last year...

Actually Souled Out is a quite nice place for countdown if you don't like to pack with the crowd
and it also very happening as there will be countdown party every year...
see you next year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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