Saturday, January 1, 2011

our christmas pressie ♥

This post is sharing for the christmas presents :)

It was my dream to have a Prada bag
i was wanting to have BN1707
it's RM5280
but i found another lovely bag in Prada...
and it's now is mine!!!♥
Thanks to my RayDear!!!

I was planning to buy RayDear a Ralph Lauren polo tee
but there was no discount in RL
hmmm...then i found that polo tee in Burberry is much more nicer than the RL tee cos everyone is wearing so cheap...
finally i bought RayDear a new Burberry checker tee

And i was thinking to buy a christmas gift to my lovely Blushie
and it was an coincidence that her necklace lost when we brought her for grooming
so i decided to buy her a new necklace
u see how cute is her~~
she loves her gift very much...

P/S: gonna post about the NYE and 2011 resoultion!!!


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