Friday, January 28, 2011

Counting down the day...

Tik Tok Tik Tok...
it's another 4 more days i will be in KK!!!
finally it's my holiday back home...
i miss my lovely home so much!!!

It's time for packing my luggage and go back
and it's the headache time to choose what to bring what not to bring...
i hope can bring my whole closet back...*day dreaming*
which shoes need to bring to match my CNY new clothes?
which clothes should i bring back to match the ocassion?
and which bag should i bring back to match my apparels?
hahah!!it's impossible to bring everything...
so it's time for me to start planning...

I feel like i'm getting older and older
previous CNY i'm sure very looking forward for Ang Pao session
feel very excited to go around bai nian and get Ang Pao
eventhough we go to some not-so-close friend's house bai nian
i also felt like it's ok as long as can get Ang Paos...

But now for me
how old am i?!
still not shame to go around peoples' house and get Ang Pao meh?!
if lucky i'm the one who give Ang Pao lor...right???
 somemore i'm not so interested to go around bai nian like little kids d...
just let the real kids do this thing larrr...

This time i must spend more time with my parents 
spend more time to find some long-time-no-see friends and attend some gatherings
and of cos mahjong & lami session XD

As an conclusion,
i share this song "Coming home by Diddy ft Skylar Grey"

P/S: i'm gonna post about my CNY pre-feeling & company annual dinner soon!!!wait me!!!


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