Saturday, January 15, 2011

Which super star am i???

I'm cracking & scratching my head for this coming annual dinner
it will be my 1st annual dinner in Boehringer Ingelheim
it will be different as the previous one cos the ppls here are really daring for dressing up
and it will be prizes for best dress
i'm gonna get the $$$!!

This year annual dinner theme is "A movie date"
so what i'm gonna wearing???
what character should i take to impress everyone
and not to crash with ppl???

At 1st...
i was thinking to act as Audrey Hepburn
she's all ladies's idol for the signature dress
i love her outlook in "Breakfast at Tiffany"
frankly to tell she's easy to imitate
cos the dress u can just find in some boutiques...
plus the jewel necklace, black gloves & ciggy...
it was Maggie who got me this idea...
and also i bought a very gorgeous black dress similar as the Audrey's signature dress in Zara

I love her gorgeous look♥

But then
my colleague Melinda told me
there will be alot of Audrey Hepburn imitation in the dinner
cos her previous company GSK had such theme as annual dinner before
and there were a few of ladies imitate our gorgeous Audrey
oh no!!!then i have to think again what i should wear...

And we went to a few costumes rental shop
actually there were alot of long dress but not suit me
cos i'm too petite to wear it...
so i must find the petite cutting outfit

In my mind i was thinking why not Alice in the wonderland
cos i googled and search
wow!!!i found something i like!!!
i love the outfit...very mini & it's HAWT...
and luckily i found it in a shop
thanks god!!!
finally i got it!!!and also it suits me well

Abbott had their annuall dinner last month
and unfortunately their theme is exactly the same as us!!!
OMG!!!why those companies love to have such themes...
either this or that...haizzz...
and unfortunately i find it ChinKuan was wearing exactly the same piece as mine...
i think she also rent it from the shop
for me i wouldn't want to have same crash outfit incident happen
although not in the same time and same company
but then when ppls look into the FB album and sure realize we are wearing the same piece...

And now the time is constraint
i have no time to search for another outfit that suits me well
so i decided to go to Alice...
but i will add some other things to enhance it & to make myself look unique 
wish me luck!!!

Actually i was wondering why no lady Mad Hatter???
cos i love the Mad Hatter outfit in the photo i attached...
it's much more hotter than the Alice...
And i also wondering what's the difference between super star & Movie date???
cos they keep mentioning Movie date but then in their emails they talk about super star
not all super stars acting in movie...
so it's so confusing...
if can imitate super star why not i choose to be Katy Perry?!
i love her so much!!!♥
if can i shall be her in "California girls"

the dinner is around the corner
i don't have time to think d...
just let it be...

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