Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my 2011 resolutions & plannings...

Here comes my 2011 resolutions & plannings♥...
  1. Save more than RM10k. (i don't want to stress myself for save more than RM50k because RM10k i already very hard for me to achieve...don't want be so kiasu)
  2. Maintain my weight at 40kg & want to have more better body shape & B*eherm*. (it's all depends on my Easecox corset)
  3. Get my job confirmation in 6months. (i started my job since October 2010)
  4. Renovate Re-decorate the house with my Ray Dear. (have to start on surveying new furnitures)
  5. Buy daddy & mummy a trip. (have to let them plan their holidays)
  6. Do something very BIG! (have no idea yet...let me think)
  7. Clear up all the debts. (no matter PTPTN, credit cards, etc)
  8. I wanna be grandma. (let Blushie get married & get pregnant)
  9. Get a dream bag. (aiming for new target...)
  10. Hit all the sales. ( HIT = $$$ )
  11. Start to cook homecook meal at home. (at least twice per week)
  12. Start healthy diet. (if possible, avoid those fatty food)
i think i set too many resolutions for myself...
but i will try my best to accomplish all!!!
Then now is my 2011 travel plan♥...*Weeeee*
work hard and enjoy hard also marr...
  • Phuket trip : 1st - 3rd April (it will be the 1st time for me to go Phuket and this time the trip will be in very very de BIG gang!!!i think around 20++ ppls...so excited for it!!!)
  • Shanghai trip : TBA by my Ray Dear (the flight ticket and accomodation all paid by Ray Dear's sis...so good!!!it will be my 1st time to Shanghai too*Weeeee*)
  • Penang trip : TBA by mummy (it will be the trip to visit my Ah ma...forgot the date we booked d)
  • Hong Kong trip : 3rd - 7th August (it will be my 1st time to Hong Kong too...very looking forward for this trip)
temporarily this is it...
hope can go Bkk again :P

So it's time for me to work hard and complete all the tasks!!!
Hope myself enjoy every moment of this brand new year



  1. wahooo~~~ RM50K is kinda a lot :)
    well, shall we plan for a trip to somewhere far? Just three of us ^^
    maybe ... New Zealand???

  2. yea yea!!!!we never been tgt for trip b4...can can...but can have other choice???i wan Taiwan again!!!!hahaahahahhaa