Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying back to home...

Start from today
it's 14days counting down to the day i back home

It's been so long i never go back home d...
feel different cos 50% stranger feel 50% looking forward

i'm looking forward because of i can see my Daddy Mummy & Boy
and also my friends that long time never meet
oh ya...and also the food i miss so badly...

then the 50% stranger feel is because i felt myself had becoming a KL-ian
i had fully adapted to KL life
have my own home here, my RayDear, my daughter, my closed friends...
and i go back KK
i'm like a stranger to KK
cos i didn't get in touch with most of the friends there...
only a few are closed enough...
everything seems like not so familiar for me d
i think i really didn't go back too long d

This time i go back
i dunno whether i can get closer to the KK friends or not
and i dunno ppls will treat me like a stranger or not

just the words -- Good To Be Back


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