Friday, February 3, 2012

The proposal 5.12.2011

I've to congratulate my dearest Laopo that she finally got proposed from her hubby!!! I'm so happy for her proposal as she deserved the best proposal from Onn!!!

Their relationship since they knew each other until now getting marry I'm involving in it so i was so touched and happy that Laopo had finally found her best happiness!!! Really happy for her after their hard work for 4years relationship.

Actually Onn had planned it very early and want to give her the best surprised, we all were not allowed to tell Bonnie my Laopo about it. And firstly Onn planned the proposal date was on her birthday 11.12.2011 but after revealed from a friend's mouth, Onn decided to make it the week before her birthday because we want give her surprise without any acknowledge.

Onn planned to do a short proposal video for Laopo about their story and luckily we found ZunZun's coursemate Issac who had lots of experience on this short video production. I did spent a whole day with them to give my opinion too!! Happy that i was involved for my best friend big moment!!!

Then on 5th Dec 2011, Onn found a florist and asked them to arrange a flower gate as decoration and make the place like a small garden that he wanted to propose on the spot. The venue of proposal will be at Beer Factory in Sunway Giza mall as 3 of our friends will date her for a normal drinking session like usual without make her to suspect or sense anything. I was the one who called her on the day before and tried to ask her for movie because she will expect I'm the MUST in her proposal. So had to pretend i was on with some other plan and wont be there.

All of Bonnie's friends gathered at Station One cafe nearby there and prepared to appear as surprise. The moment the short video released at the Beer Factory without her knowing and she felt weird about the scenes like why the actress in the video talk like her and the things were so familiar. And finally we revealed ourselves with Onn. Onn brought her to the "small garden" that specially done for her and kneed down to propose. It's the moment!!!

And of cause it was a successful proposal and she was so happy and surprised that all her friends were there to witness her happiest moment. What can i say "Onn, u did a great job!!!"

Here's the short video for the proposal and the making of it:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recap: End of 2011...

Because of i need to upload the HK trip posts 1st so until now i haven't update about my last bite of 2011. I decided to combine 2 posts together.

On 30th Dec 2011, went Neverland for the last time in 2011!!! Went there on 30th because i scared the next day will be very jam as it was countdown day of 2012. And also a farewell for Nicole the sweetie pie as she went US for studies. Yvonne aka Xiao Mei Mei get drunk and puked on that night. Too bad~!!!! But it was fun tough. 

What i wore on the night:
- Miss Selfridge leopard printed tube bodycon
- Maroon Miu Miu matelasse clutch
- Black lace T-shape pump from Agape boutique
- Casio sheer metal watch
- T & Co. bracelet

On 31st Dec 2011, it was the last day of 2011. As usual, i also don't wish to stuck in traffic jam for countdown. So we decided to go back Soul'ed out Sri Hartamas for countdown. And Soul'ed out had their own countdown event there every year and different theme set every year. Maggie checked the website and it was a beach party theme this year.

At first i thought we just dress on our own for our NYE countdown. But we were regret as it was so fun that Soul'ed out set up a artificial beach in their restaurant and outside the restaurant. They really make everyone feel like party on beach!!! Awesome!!! We promised each other that we will dress up for the theme in coming NYE celebration!!! Although compared to last year there were only a few of us, but it was fun tough!!! The firework on the countdown was awesome and it lasted for almost 15 minutes!!! Happy new year to everyone!!!

What i wore on NYE:
- Flowerly body hugging zipper dress from Room8008
- Gladiator wedges from Charles & Keith
- Red LV Alma BB
- Chanel pearl earrings

I pray for a very great year for myself and everyone i know.