Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dollies outing ♥

It was our dollies night outing in @live, Sunway
we dolls -- Kiki, my laopo, Kate, J-ye & me
we organised a night outing to @live
our purpose of the outing is because of Kate
out theme of the night is "Usamimi"!!!
it's just for our dollies' fun!!!!♥

Kate aka Sushi
she's the funny doll among us
cos she straightforward attitude & words will make u LOL
i like it!!!
knew her thru J-ye cos she's J-ye Laopo (hahaha!!!copy from me & bonnie)

J-ye aka Minimaos
she's the adorable doll among us
she can be cute sometimes & she can also be the wild cat
 ♥ her too
knew her few years ago in freelance job
like her look & she looks so noble & hard to get close
but when u become closer with her u will find out she's a very friendly & warm person

Kiki aka Tweety bird
no need to mention much cos sure most of my post got her
she's our "Si Tao Po" & wardrobe supplier
hahahaha!!!!90% of our apparels bought from her room8008
we call her Tweety because she likes to Tweet here Tweet there
the voice like tweety bird

My laopo aka Panda Bou
it's the nickname given by them...

And me myself the Kecik Miao
they named this for me because i'm the tiniest among us

And lastly Maggie aka Ms Arnab
she didn't join us because she was not free on that outing

Pics of the night ♥ 


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