Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My DIY mermaid hair

Actually i'm lazy to style up my hair
everytime i will just keep it straight
then my Laopo taught me how to use the curler to curl my hair
i love the curls...
but won't u think it hurt our hair???
cos everytime curl it by 180-190c
somemore i'm not expert enough so need longer time to curl...

I read in Xiaxue's blog
she did shared about a method to DIY mermaid hair
i did tried it during the CNY
i like it!!! 
Thanks to Xiaxue♥

*This is after few hours...very natural*
This post i'm gonna share another method to DIY mermaid hair
it's tutored by Kiki
she taught me another way to DIY pretty mermaid hair
thanks to Kiki♥

Here's the steps DIY using kiki's way:

P/S: buy a海綿寶寶 idk how to say in English *sorry*
1. tie a pony tail as "high" as possible

2. 海綿寶寶got a hole then u just put ur pony tail thru the hole and pull until the hair end

3. u press the hole to make the hole tighten up
4. start rolling the海綿寶寶down to ur hair root
5. turn the sponge to roll it as a bun
 P/S: if u wanna make a bun then it's done♥
6. if u wan mermaid curly hair then just keep it like that and u can sleep

The next day u will have a nicely curled mermaid hair!!!!



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