Monday, March 15, 2010

My baby iPhone is borned!!!

Yay yay!!!
Finally i got my NEW baby--iPhone

oppss...i know everyone will say that am a shopaholic who keep wasting money SE Aino really not as what i thought
just use it 2-3months only but it keep lagging d
somemore the camera also disappoint me

from the outlook it looks perfect
but when goes into details
Wuu Wuu...

So i really wanna change another new phone
maybe am easily influenced by frens surrounded
most of my frens now using iPhone
it's really a smart phone!!!
lots of applications u can play with it...

one of the reasons i decided to get it now
it's bcos of i will finish my installment of this Dell baby am using
so can start for any installment plan without any problem

i got it now!!!
my new baby is White color 16GB 3GS iPhone
& the case is purple metallic color
maybe soon am gonna get a bling bling diamonds leather case

So now my SE Aino will be the DIGI carrier for my DIGI number
although i got my lovely new toy
but i will still appreciate my SE Aino cos it's my pressie from my Ray Dear♥

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