Thursday, March 18, 2010

my latest precious♥

I've been looking for a Chanel bag for sooo sooooo long...
it's too high budget for me to own one
i thought that i will not own one shortly

Finally i got it!!!
it's bought from my laopo's fren Sue Yi's branded 2nd hand shop
her bags are so nice~~!!!
the price is also reasonable
it made my dream comes true~~~

My 1st Chanel

And i also bought a long LV wallet for myself also
cos it's recent design of LV
plus my laopo is HIGHLY recommending it
plus plus Sue Yi is giving me in such a cheap price!!!
i can't resist it

And i also bought my Ray Dear his 1st own Gucci sling bag for men
i'm loving it...
my Ray Dear will be smart enough when he carry this bag

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