Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Colorful lighting in i-City

1st time went to i-City
i have totally no idea about the place
it's located at Shah Alam 
i think quite nearby to Klang also cos we went there from Klang 
heard Tammie said that there got very nice colorful lighting
i thought it need entrance ticket
mana-tau it's all FREE

Let's see the beautiful lighting there
u can see lots of pine trees
Isn't it nice???
feels like color up my day...('s night)

U can see the rain deers & flying horse design also
I love the white color flying horse design pattern

And u can also find the swan & crane design here

And also the peacock pattern surround by the tree

Lastly, i found there's a horse carrying the beautiful sparkling mould
but unluckily the lighting on the horse not working...
so u can see no lighting on the horse

Lastly, we walk to another street
it's just the normal CNY feeling TangLung lighting hanging between the streets
That's all for it...
for me
actually the lighting is very nice & beautiful
u can go there & have a walk with family & friends...'s too wasted cos that's the "PIGGY" area
until now the shoplots there haven't 100% occupied...
how they gonna develop this area...
just spend money on such lighting
but end up didn't bring any return...
really "Sai Sai"...

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