Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy White Valentine's Day

Happy White Valentine's Day to everyone!!!
for those who are in relationship...
wish u all always stay as SWEET as the honey
for those who are single ppl
wish u find ur Mr/Ms Right soon

For me & my Ray dear
we didn't specially celebrate for it like February Valentines...
just treat as normal day

Both of us stay home for whole day
watching drama by PPS
accompanied by our daughter

Then night time we go for a movie
cos am movie freak
so movie is a DATING MUST!!!

We watch at Pavilion
It's a touching story by Confucius
Confucius is starring by Chow Yun Fat Daigo
y his life so tragic
he's a great thinker, philosopher & educator indeed
haizzz...China is full of pedantic & traditions created by the ancestors ruler
what he did is good for future...
but in the age his philosophy & thinking is not really accepted by all the ppls
this is y his experiences been so pathetic...

Now for us
we learn his thinking, his philosophy
all of us know the name & greatness of Confucius
until today he's been very successful

Here's the storyline of this movie:





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