Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my Valerie's 24th birthday!!!

This post is all about my dearie ValVal's birthday!!!
it's been 1year that we didn't spend together...
cos she went Aussie for 1year d
and am still in KL
but now she's back to KL again!!!

It's her 24th birthday this year...
since most of her besties are still in Aussie or back to KK d...
and now in KL she told me she just got a few friends...
am her bestie so must bring her out and hang out together!!!

The week before her birthday
Jojo (her BB) did called me up for some plans
he said want to give her a surprise
we go out & have dinner together then give her surprise...
i planned not to contact her and just let her thought that we all forget about her birthday

But i spoiled my own plan
it's because i lost Jojo's number
then in such idealess condition
i called Val and asked Jojo's number
so she found out our plan XD

On her big day
we went to have dinner at the nice Korean BBQ at Ampang again
thanks to CC brought us to such a nice place...
i did manage to ask CC, Cindy & jordan to join us as well
Ray Dear didn't join us because he was in outstation
Jun & MM join us too
MM came to KL d cos she brought Jun go Sg for check-up
so miss my MM!!!miss her voice...hahaha!!!
and Val's sister Cheryl did joined us also on that night...
too bad that sam couldn't make it...

Then after dinner
we brought out Val's birthday cake
although it's just a simple celebration
but we were so happy & satisfied that day...

Happy birthday my Dearie Val
Wish u stay pretty always & may all ur dreams come true...
will support u here always~~!!!
P/S: pls start keep fit... LOL!!! XD


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