Sunday, July 25, 2010

We rock Phuture♥

It's our happening time post again!!!
It was organised by CC & Jordan
as they discussed and thought that we always go G6 only...
long time never go Phuture d...
So, this time we gonna rock Phuture~~ <3

It's been a long time since the last time i came Phuture
am quite looking forward for this outing
Val told us it's also her 1st time been here...LOL!!!

Ray Dear & me reach there around 11something
that time was raining heavily...
but it can't stop us for the partay!!!

As am really looking forward for it
i changed a different hair style
i FLY with my WIG~~~
long time didn't wear it d...
and i also wear my downlashes which bought from Daiso
it's crossed lashes
LOVE it to the max!!! <3
and also the price is sooooo damn cheap!!!
must-have item!!!

As usual...
Zouk still very crowded...
if last time i will predict myself for meeting up with my party friends...
but long time never come out party d
so i think now here not many ppls that i knew

Val & Jojo brought Kok Wee to join us also...
and Daniel did brought his Gladis
we had lots of fun that night...
*Me and Daniel~~*
*Me and lovely Cindy*
*Us girls~~*
*Me and Kok Wee*
*My Ray Dear...Must kiss kiss*
*My Laopo~!!! <3*
*The guys are going craziiee*
*My Ray Dear & CC*
*Jojo so HIGH!!!*
*Cindy & Gladis in smokesss*
*We got one!!!*
*Jordan said wanna play kiss kiss but he paiseh*
*CC act cute with us XD*
*My Cute Miss Arnab aka Maggie*
*Ma lovely Ray Dear...Muacksss*
*Jordan, YY & me*
*Me and my pretty Val*

We did meet up with Su May
I've never seen her for ages!!!
must catch up with her d...
That night was a crazy night
Cindy K.O and something happened on her on that night after party
Kok Wee & Jojo puke like leaking water pipe!!!
Maggie got tipsy

We gonna rock Phuture for another time!!!


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