Sunday, July 18, 2010

Done our new arrivals shooting...

*Just a sneak peak*
done OurBeautyDiary new arrivals shooting
Finally can have updates on our blogshop

The hardest thing is hard to find a nice place for shooting
we used to shoot at my Laopo Bonnie's hse
but her hse quite dark for shooting plus not enough space to do with it

So as we found a new place -- CC's hse!!!
we decided it's our new place as CC's hse got lots of space to do the shooting
plus the walls are WHITE
then the furnitures are all simple & the colors are simple also...

Laopo & me discussed & decided to rent a showroom soon
convenient for our business as we can let customers go to our showroom to see all our stocks
and it's nice that it will be the place for our shooting also

will update OurBeautyDiary by then


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