Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain -- Our Champion of 2010 WC!!!!!

Last night stayed until very late cos wanna wait for the WC final
it's Spain VS Netherland!!!!
for me i think both team also not bad
but i will prefer Spain more than Holland/Netherland larr~~

Keep myself awake & wait for the 2.30am live match
we met CC, Jordan & Chrys at Cheras
actually we planned to go Station1 cafe
but there was too packed & FULL
so we went to mamak BRJ
there actually also FULL
but u know mamak will never said full
how many ppls come also can fit de...cos roadside marr

During the match
i can't focus 100% cos my vision quite blur
maybe sleepy & eyes too tired can't focus
but i enjoyed the environment watching with ppls
shouting while the team gonna goal
very gan jeong actually

Wow~~this match they played very rude!!!
all are like acting "Painful" when KENA from ppl
or maybe hit & highlight on the vital part of body
just 20mins match there were already 7 yellow cards

There were total 12 yellow cards in the match
9 of it were given to Netherland
somemore Netherland got 1 RED card lerrr...

At 117' of the match finally  Andrés Iniesta SCORE!!!!!!!!!
wait for 117mins now it's 1-0
worthy to stayed until so late to watch the match lar...
i will not regret lor...

Somemore i was in <3 with Spain captain Casillas!!!!
he's the goal keeper of Spain
he really did the great job to save lots of score kicks by the opponents
we did mention if it was GREEN from England sure let ppls scores Gao Gao d...LOL!!!

it's Spain's 1st time to get the champion of WC in history
it was the historical moment for them
all of the Spain support happy happy
Well done & Congratulation!!!!


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