Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jordan & ZunZun big bday bash!!!

Recently we have too many activities
we plan to do something fun & different as what we usually do...

This time is Jordan & ZunZun birthday!!!
hahaha!!!it's time for their celebration
P/S: actually they purposely wanna organise something so they just put the JUNE bday gal & boy together XD

The organiser Mr.CC want to plan something BIG & UNIQUE
so they come out the plan "POOLSIDE PARTY"!!!
from their mind they just thinking to do something like the scence u watched in "American Pie" movies
but's for western ppls not for us...
we do it in Msian style!!!

The venue is at A Farmosa, Melacca
they booked a bangalow there with a pool
so we can have our own private party at the poolside & bangalow...
isn't it sounds fun?!

What ya waiting for?
let's have PARTAY~~~~

Let's see what we prepared...
we order food catering from Melacca
went Giant & bought snacks + soft drinks
2 cartons of beer
2 cartons of red wine
2bottle of Black label which bought back from Bkk airport
wow...drink till u drop!!!!

This party Hui Lee & Jojo are invited also
Welcome to our team!!!
tat nite we had fun at pool
at 1st we (gals) planned not to go into pool as we dressed up nicely & make-up nicely d
mana tau, Mr.CC did get us into it!!!
at last, everyone get WET!!!
drink & play at the pool...
errmmm...maybe u will imagine it's so meaty or feels like 酒池菸林
but we had much of fun there

Can you see it?!?!LOL!!!
Some special scences did happened
such as CC's little BLUE
And Kam Leng did knockdown & totally unconcious for a while
all the guys carried him to the room & we can see red color on the white mattress...YUCKSSSS!!!
And dunno what cause Cindy's eye vessels burst & her "eye white" got blood...
luckily it's alright...
And the stinky thing happened was someone drunk until thought that the outside is kind of toilet...
hmmm...u got what i mean...i dun wan mention much...cos it's EWWWW!!!

The next day we went to Melacca town & have a visit
we had our late lunch there & walked along the Jonker street...
After that we packed & go home...
it was a nice trip for all of us
hope we can have fun again...

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