Sunday, June 6, 2010

My lil make-up tips(i)

i knew i kinda late...
so now am gonna share about my own lil make-up tips...
it's not a tutorial...
cos i knew am not pro enough
but just to share share lorr...

This time am gonna try on the fake down lashes
it's my 1st time actually
cos my down lashes are long enough
so everytime i just use mascara it's enough d...
i bought the lashes very long d
i don't dare to try it before that
cos i scare it will look very scary as the eyes will EXTREME BIG!!!
hahahaha!!!very kua jeong
now am so gatal wanna try after saw Maggie can used it nicely *winkz*

Am using MAC fake down lashes

This time am applying natural make-up on myself
It's me after applied BB-cream & MAC mineralize skinfinish
am using diamond series Skin79 BB
Spoke person is Jolin Tsai
bought it from Taiwan

Then it's me after applying my eyebrow
*i hope i won't scare u*

Then it's time for eyeliner
am using MJ black eyeliner
bought in Taiwan
can find it in Watson M'sia also
but this one i bought in Taiwan is the latest eyeliner
they are using latest technology to make it long er last than ever
i love <3 it!!!

For the cheek am using Paul & Joe pink blusher
it will looks more natural i think

Before i put on the upper eyelashes
i apply mascara on it

Then comes to my fake eyelashes...
i <3 this
am using 交叉7濃

For the down lashes
i apply mascara once
then i cut the MAC eyelashes into half
i only apply half lashes on each eye
put it at the down back part or ur eyes...'s turn for my hair
actually i love the hairstyle Chuck-kei did to herself
she's using different direction when she curls her hair
tat's mean u curls in clockwise & anti-clockwise direction
it's more natural

Hmm...not so same ler...
mayb i curl too high d...
but i think after a while will be better
cos the curls will drop as i don't use any hair-spray to hold it...
after a while will be more natural...

it's DONE~~~!!!
not kua jeong at all rite???
am lovin' it!!!
next time i will try on others XD

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