Monday, May 10, 2010

Counting down to older me...

it's feel like just a while since i celebrate my bday last year...
and 1 year older again... *sigh*

time passed so fast
am not that Young Me anymore
remember that last year i was organising a private party in a service suite apartment
it was great!!!
cos it was a pyjamas themed partay~~!!!

but this year...
i dun thick that i wan the same one...
And mayb am not that young & energetic anymore
dun feel like wan PARTY GAO GAO~~~
just wanna spend the moments with my dearest loved ones & my frens

And luckily Bryan had set up a party for me & the bday boy Ah Ong
cos 2 of us were birth in same month
they love happening
and so they gonna celebrate in big big party!!!
not the clubbing party's kind of gathering & drinking
just like the previous Bryan & Alex bday

it's great to have someone celebrate on same day with me
for me it's special & it's my 1st time
so am waiting for this Friday to come!!!

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