Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lovely nails♥

it's a very old post
i had forgot to post it when my nails are still FRESH

am not doing any nail extension as i know very hard for working
it was a SNIP promotion @The curve
introduced by Iki
so me & Laopo went to do the nail arts & pedi,manicure service

it's just RM90!!!
isn't it cheap?!
cos the package is including pedicure, manicure & will help u do draw flowers nail arts also
somemore the flowers & diamonds are nice
i think is normal price do the 3D flower will be around RM4-5 per nail
so it's worth!!!
cos 10toes & 10finger nails

mine is pink series & Laopo's one is purple series
i love it so muchie~~♥
although i knew it will not last very long...
cos my nail always broke de even do nice nice nail arts
but it's worthy!!!And i like it~~!!!

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