Monday, May 3, 2010

My baby iPhone's new outfit!!!

my baby iPhone finally got new outfit
she's now my lil pink devil

actually i saw in Chuckei's blog mention her blackberry got this devil outfit
i thought that iphone don't have
mana tau iphone also got such casing...yay!!!
but, i wan the RED color one woh... also my fav color
so i change my baby's outfit d...
wanna buy more nice outfit for my baby
so can change change marr...

it's the 1st outfit of my baby
it's the most expensive one... was RM69/RM79 i forgot d...(KI SIAO meh?!so DAMN exp?!)
i bought it at i-machine shop...

it's new pink devil outfit

And, i have ordered new bling bling outfit for my baby d...
yay!!!very looking forward for the gorgeous new outfit...
it's done by Bling Bling Paradise
if like it can go n order one for urself!!!
it's custome made & fully hand-made & designed by the talented owner
u can visit her FB page:!/profile.php?id=100000474631327

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