Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kiss goodbye to 25!!!

Oh well...
i knew my bday post had been dragged soooo long for 4months to complete
i know i know
oh what u waiting for...
let's start talking about my 2011 birthday

Actually this year my brithday wish is 
-- i hope that my Ray Dear can be with me on my birthday
too bad
he was at overseas company trip during my birthday
so...i can't have him be at my side

i knew my 1st wish can't come true
and i was so lucky that i still have my lovely friends with me on my big day
it was just soo happening & warm to have them all at my side while my Ray Dear not here

On 13th May
Ray Dear had planned all the things for me before he left
thanks my dear ♥

i've to admit that i'm getting older & older
have to kiss goodbye my 25
i was "celebrating" aka "gathering" all my friends at The Hills for my birthday
I say it as "gathering" because we were not the little princess that celebrate for the day d
it's more like the friends' gathering

I was soo happy on that day
because i was blessed & i feel myself as a very lucky person
i have sooo many best friends around...
they are just like my family when my family not with me

Here's some of the photos of the night:

I had to thank everyone for the pressie!!!♥
i love it so so muchie!!!
althought it's a 2nd hand bought from Siew Wan
but it still in very good condition
Thank you all my dearies♥

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